Primary Colors

Michigan State University’s colors are green and white. The official MSU green is represented by the Pantone Matching System ink color 567 (PMS 567).

The College of Natural Science honors the tradition of the university by utilizing the official MSU green.


HEX: #18453B
CMYK: C:82 M:0 Y:64 K:70
RGB: R=24 G=69 B=59

Complementary Color

As a complementary color, a variation on the official MSU green is also used on the College of Natural Science website.


HEX: #466A62
CMYK: C:36 M:0 Y:8 K:58
RGB: R=70 G=106 B=98

Secondary Colors

Michigan State University has approved secondary colors for use alongside the official colors. The College of Natural Science has adopted these for use on the web.


HEX: #0DB14B
CMYK: C:100 M:0 Y:100 K:0
RGB: R=13 G=177 B=75


HEX: #97A2A2
CMYK: C:43 M:30 Y:33 K:0
RGB: R=153 G=162 B=162


HEX: #F08521
CMYK: C:2 M:58 Y:100 K:0
RGB: R=240 G=133 B=33


HEX: #008183
CMYK: C:85 M:0 Y:35 K:35
RGB: R=0 G=129 B=131


HEX: #909AB7
CMYK: C:38 M:28 Y:7 K:11
RGB: R=144 G=154 B=183


HEX: #535054
CMYK: C:67 M:62 Y:56 K:29
RGB: R=83 G=80 B=84


CMYK: C:22 M:0 Y:91 K:0
RGB: R=209 G=222 B=63


HEX: #E8D9B5
CMYK: C:0 M:5 Y:25 K:10
RGB: R=232 G=217 B=181


HEX: #C89A58
CMYK: C:0 M:27 Y:65 K:24
RGB: R=200 G=154 B=88


HEX: #94Ae4A
CMYK: C:47 M:16 Y:91 K:1
RGB: R=148 G=174 B=74


HEX: #6E005F
CMYK: C:40 M:100 Y:0 K:40
RGB: R=110 G=0 B=95


HEX: #CB5A28
CMYK: C:15 M:77 Y:100 K:4
RGB: R=203 G=90 B=40

College & Unit Colors

The following colors have been assigned to the different units comprising the College of Natural Science.


Unit Name: Actuarial Science Program
RGB: R=148 G=170 B=191


Unit Name: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
HEX: #5885A4
RGB: R=88 G=133 B=164


Unit Name: Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program
RGB: R=204 G=223 B=187


Unit Name: BioMolecular Science
RGB: R193 G=230 B=238


Unit Name: Chemistry
HEX: #676863
RGB: R=103 G=104 B=99


Unit Name: Center for Integrative Studies in General Science
HEX: #95B7B9
RGB: R=149 G=183 B=185


Unit Name: Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering
RGB: R=206 G=219 B=212


Unit Name: College of Natural Science
HEX: #548555
RGB: R=084 G=133 B=85


Unit Name: Genetics Program
RGB: R=230 G=219 B=199


Unit Name: Earth & Environmental Sciences
HEX: #65658B
RGB: R=101 G=101 B=139


Unit Name: Kellogg Biological Station
HEX: #DE946F
RGB: R=222 G=148 B=111


Unit Name: Mathematics
HEX: #526F81
RGB: R=82 G=111 B=129


Unit Name: Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
RGB: R=234 G=190 B=93


Unit Name: Neuroscience Program
HEX: #6E8E6D
RGB: R=110 G=142 B=109


Unit Name: Physics & Astronomy
HEX: #C7B79D
RGB: R=199 G=183 B=157


Unit Name: Physiology
RGB: R=218 G=122 B=123


Unit Name: Plant Biology
HEX: #567D6D
RGB: R=86 G=125 B=109


Unit Name: Plant Research Laboratory
RGB: R=191 G=199 B=124


Unit Name: Statistics & Probability
HEX: #B0B6D6
RGB: R=176 G=182 B=214


Unit Name: Integrative Biology
HEX: #2C3D4D
RGB: R=44 G=161 B=77