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Logos and Unit Signatures


A logo or wordmark is a standardized graphic representation associated with an institution, organization, or business. When used consistently, it helps create a clear and memorable identity and becomes a symbol that provides audiences with immediate and powerful recognition and association with the institution.

Michigan State University has four official marks—the Michigan State University wordmark, Spartan helmet graphic mark, university seal, and block S—all of which are registered trademarks, as are the words “Michigan State University.”  

Take a moment and review the guidelines on using MSU logos and marks, as well as finding access to downloadable files.


The MSU signature system enables each college and unit to connect its name with the MSU wordmark, or with the helmet and wordmark, to provide a consistent form of unit identification that is immediately recognizable as Michigan State University. The signature allows units to leverage the equity of the university’s primary marks while strengthening the overall MSU brand.

To create a unit signature use the official MSU signature generator. You will be asked to log in with your net ID and password.

As a form of identification, all units should use the unit name set in Gotham type combined with either the Michigan State University wordmark (wordmark signature) or the combined helmet and wordmark (helmet signature).

Existing unit logos may not be used and new unit logos may not be developed.