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Photos & Graphics

Photographic Style

Photography is a vital element of the Michigan State University brand. It evokes emotion and connects people to the institution. Just as important, the photography has a point of view. It says Michigan State University is distinctive—that Spartans think and work differently. Our photography should not only be beautiful but also should convey the epic quality of the university and the iconic, unconventional nature of its success.

The NatSci digital archive including photography, graphic elements and NatSci logos is available here: https://msunatsci.zenfolio.com/

This is a living archive and is continually growing.  Please contact Mistie Jordan at mathewsm@msu.edu with NatSci photography and digital archive downloading needs.

NatSci Digital Archive

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Graphic Elements

Graphic elements bring impact and consistency to design and photographic style in MSU communications.

These visual elements are available to to help units express their identity as a part of MSU in a way that is immediately recognizable. 

MSU Brand Style Guide