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Social Media

The College of Natural Science (NatSci) has several social media channels that it uses to engage and build community  –  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Social media is a great way to tell the MSU NatSci story by promoting news and the work of faculty, staff and students. We work within MSU’s Office of Communications and Brand Strategy to align our communications with the brand and shape of the university’s reputation in online spaces. Additional MSU resource links are listed below.

MSU NatSci has a main hashtag - #MSUNatSci -  that it uses to help build brand recognition and followers by promoting news, events, promotions and contests.

Looking to start a social media channel?  MSU College of Natural Science Social Media Guidelines

If you have something NatSci related that you would like to share with the NatSci community, please add the #MSUNatSci to your post and help us increase the reach, visibility and scope of the college’s communications.  Remember to tag us in your posts so we can share your news!

There is also a form on the NatSci News page that you can fill in to share important news information with us for future NatSci posts.   

Please contact Mistie Jordan (mathewsm@msu.edu) if you have more social media questions or need more information about social @MSUNatSci.

Additional Resources: