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The following templates incorporate elements that are key to the university's and college brand, and can be easily customized for your program content.

Please contact Mistie Jordan (mathewsm@msu.edu) with any questions regarding use or modification of the templates.

Please note, all policies regarding use of University marks apply to use of these templates.


Fact Sheet

Honeycomb (PowerPoint)

Screenshot of Honeycomb fact sheet

Pentagons (PowerPoint)

Screenshot of Pentagons face sheet

Circles (PowerPoint)

Screenshot of Circles fact sheet


Letterhead (Word)

The highlighted fields need to be adjusted to the specifics of your department/program.

NatSci letterhead

PowerPoint Presentations

Honeycomb (PowerPoint)

NatSci powerpoint honeycomb slide

Triangles (PowerPoint)

NatSci powerpoint slide triangles

Circles (PowerPoint)

NatSci powerpoint slide circles

Email Headers

Honeycomb (PowerPoint)

Email header honeycomb 1

Email banner honeycomb 2

Email banner honeycomb 3

Triangles (PowerPoint)

Email banner triangles 1

Email banner triangles 2

Circles (PowerPoint)

Email banner circles 1

Email banner circles 2

Award Templates

Triangles (PowerPoint)

Triangle Awards Template Thumbnail