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Typography choices say a lot about an organization, often before the actual words are read. For this reason, and to provide brand consistency, primary and secondary typefaces have been chosen for use in Michigan State University communications. They convey the bold, forward-thinking tone of the university, while offering flexibility.

MSU units may contact University Communications (UComm) to obtain font packages licensed to MSU for use on Michigan State University communications, particularly those directed to primary external audiences, such as alumni and prospective students. To obtain fonts, the MSU unit must register the name of the unit and individual user with UComm, which purchases and manages access to the fonts to maximize their use for high-level external communications. Please contact Communications and Brand Strategy at contact@cabs.msu.edu or 517-355-7505.

GOTHAM (Sans Serif)

The Gotham typeface is a bold, contemporary typeface that evokes MSU’s bold, open, forward-thinking approach to solving problems and providing opportunity. The Gotham type family has many weights, is appropriate for almost any application, and has the flexibility to feel sophisticated yet approachable, modern yet classic. Gotham marks Michigan State University as an institution on the move.

Gotham may be used in both headlines and text. It has been licensed for MSU units to use on university websites. To learn more, refer to the MSU Web Standards.

Gotham Narrow may be used for text, lists, and bullets.

Example usage:

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

Regular text

Bold text


Californian is a bold, classic typeface that takes its cues from the ancient Spartans and reflects MSU’s epic, heroic quality. It is recommended as an alternative to Gotham for headlines and small blocks of text.

When a serif font is desired for text to maximize readability, substitute the Georgia typeface (serif) for Californian. Secondarily, Times New Roman (serif) may also be used.


When a serif font is desired for text to maximize readability, the Georgia typeface or Times New Roman may be used.

When a sans serif font is desired, the Helvetica typeface or, secondarily, Arial may be used.

The Gotham typeface has been licensed for units to use on MSU websites. To learn more, refer to the MSU Web Standards.