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Human Biology Program

The Human Biology major represents an interdisciplinary, liberal science degree and is appropriate for students who want a broad background in the fields that comprise biological sciences. Please explore the additional resources below to learn more.

Human Biology Curriculum

The Human Biology curriculum has strong foundations in the core biological disciplines of biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, cell biology, and genetics. To complement the core curriculum, students are able to choose from several upper-level biology selective courses offered through the College of Natural Science. Human Biology selective credit can also include directed study, internship, and/or research experiences in biological and physical science. In addition, the Capstone Tier II Writing requirement (HBIO 495) allows students, through their writing and oral presentations, the opportunity to integrate their knowledge of the disciplines in the core curriculum during the senior year. Please download and review the curriculum guide below for major requirements and sample course timeline. 

Override Requests

HBIO 496, HBIO 497, and HBIO 498 (Formerly NSC 496-498)

Students in the Human Biology major may receive credit for current or future directed study opportunities (HBIO 496), internships (HBIO 497), and research experience (HBIO 498). If interested, click on the appropriate proposal form below to download. Please submit completed HBIO 496 forms Dr. Elizabeth Tinsley Johnson (etinsley@msu.edu). HBIO 497 and 498 forms should be submitted to Dr. Cori Fata-Hartley (fatahart@msu.edu).


HBIO 495 (Formerly NSC 495) Override Requests

Complete the override request for HBIO 495 by selecting the link below and choosing "Human Biology Program" in the drop-down menu. Overrides will be given to graduating seniors only.


What Can I Do With This Major?

Human Biology encompasses a broad range of biological science subject areas for students to develop extensive scientific skills and knowledge. Careers for Human Biology graduates are equally as wide-ranging and fall into many different industries. Below are a few examples of career opportunities for Human Biology majors.


Human Biology is most commonly associated with preparing students for entry into professional health programs, such as medical, dental, physician assistant, pharmacy, and optometry schools. After completing your bachelor's degree, many careers in healthcare require additional education at the masters or doctoral level. Though Human Biology is a common choice for pre-health students, professional schools do not have a preference for what major you choose and you are not limited to this major.

Additional information on healthcare careers can be found on the Pre-Health website

Research and Development 

With a bachelor's degree in biological sciences, graduates can work for private laboratories or research institutions, public health departments, colleges, and universities, or state/federal government in a research capacity. Students may also consider further education at the doctoral level (Ph.D.). Examples of careers in this category include:

  • Research Assistant
  • Laboratory Technician  
  • Clinical Researcher 
  • Project Manager for Pharmaceutical Development 
  • Biostatistician 

Business and Industry

Career opportunities that often combine business and biology include energy, medicine, research, and even environmental law. Having a background in both biology and business can be beneficial when applying to business and industry positions. Here are some examples: 

  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative 
  • Medical Device Sales Representative 
  • Business Analyst for Biotech Company
  • Insurance/Claims Adjuster or Examiner
  • Recruiting/Headhunting   
  • Management 


If you have an interest in biological science and writing, explore careers in the communication field. From writing for a scientific magazine to managing communications for a hospital system, there are many opportunities to combine your interests in writing and science. Examples include:

  • Grant Writer
  • Technical Writer 
  • Public Relations
  • Communications Manager/Director 

Want to explore other career opportunities with a degree in Human Biology? Visit the What Can I do With This Major website for additional information or schedule an appointment with an academic advisor (see directions listed below). 

Academic Advising

Advising Appointment System

  • Go to student.msu.edu and login with your NETID and password
  • Select the Academic Progress tile
  • Click the tab on the left, labeled Advising/Tutoring Appointments
  • To schedule a new appointment, click Create New Appointment
  • You will now fill out the New Appointment section details:
    • Category: choose Advising
    • Advising/Tutoring Unit: Select College of Natural Science
    • Appointment Reason: Click on the magnifying class icon and select Human Biology
    • Additional Information: Enter more details to assist the advisor with preparing for the appointment 
    • Appointment Type: Choose an available option for how the appointment will be held (Zoom or In-person)
    • Once all of the information has been entered, click Select Advisor:
  • View the Advisor name and Location
  • Click the Time Selected drop-down menu to view available times, then click Select Time to confirm the appointment
    • You may need to click on the "Next Days" tab to see if there is availability for a future date
  • You will be returned to the New Appointment screen where you can review any notes from the advisor/tutor and confirm the appointment. 
  • Click Book It!

Human Biology Team

Profile photo of  Cori Lynn Fata-Hartley



 Cori Fata-Hartley, Ph.D.
 Human Biology Program Director
 Click here for bio



Raychel Meyer-Payne



 Raychel Meyer-Payne
 Human Biology & Pre-Health Advisor
 Click here for bio



Photo of Christine Nguyen-Koelzer


 Christine Nguyen-Koelzer
 Human Biology & Pre-Health Advisor
 Click here for bio




Dorali Rebollo



 Dorali Rebollo
 Human Biology & Pre-Health Advisor
 Click here for bio


Photo of Kate Thome


 Kate Thome
 Human Biology & Pre-Health Advisor
 Supervisor for the Pre-Health Peer Advisors 
 Click here for bio


Photo of Holly Wright



 Holly Wright
 Human Biology & Pre-Health Advisor
 Click here for bio



Contact Us

Email: NatSci.HumanBio@msu.edu


Additional Resources

Human Biology Newsletter

Check out the newsletters below for important information, updates, and opportunities for Human Biology students.

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