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Charles Drew Science Scholars Program

Drew Program Enrichment Fund 
Gift code: A50037 
Description: Programmatic/Expendable. 

Charles Drew Laboratory Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Gift code: A500371 
Description: Recipients must have completed two years in the Drew Program, fulfilled the Drew attendance requirement in class and study sessions, have documented community service through the Science Learning Center, have a GPA of 3.0 and be enrolled in a major within the College of Natural Science. 

E Dr. Phillip and Tonya Collier Family Endowed Scholarship in Natural Science 
Gift code: A5000749 
Description: This fund provides scholarship support with preference given to students who reside in Metro Detroit, who are enrolled in the Charles Drew Science Scholars program within the College of Natural Science. Special consideration shall be given to assure that this scholarship supports the university’s stated mission of building and supporting a culture of diversity and inclusion on campus.