Department of Mathematics

X Department of Mathematics
Gift code: A508
Description: Department of Mathematics discretionary fund

E Mathematics Endowed Enrichment Fund
Gift code: A50803
Description: Annual interest income supports scholarships and fellowships. It could also fund visiting lecturers; summer research experiences for students; outreach programs to K-12 students; seed money for worthy student or faculty research project; and materials for the Mathematics Library.

X Department of Mathematics Library Fund
Gift code: A50806
Description: Programmatic/Expendable

E Fritz Herzog Prize Endowment
Gift code: A50802
Description: Recipients must be undergraduate students who compete in a math examination that is held the first Saturday of each November.

E L. C. Plant Scholarship
Gift code: A50804
Description: Recipients shall be mathematics majors and deemed worthy on the basis of scholarship, interest in mathematics and helpfulness to the departments.

E McCartney Endowed Educational Enrichment in Mathematics
Gift code: A50805
Description: The fund brings a preeminent visiting scholar to campus for a special lecture; recruit or retain a promising student; and fund a student's summer research experience.

E Harold and Helen Tolles Discretionary Endowment Fund
Gift code: A50807
Description: The earnings shall be made available to the Chair of the Department of Mathematics for use to advance the Department.

E Dr. Paul and Wilma Dressel Endowed Scholarship
Gift code: A50809
Description: Recipients will be selected on basis of academic achievement, professional goals, financial need and majoring in Mathematics.

X Dr. William Fitzgerald Mathematics Education Award
Gift code: A50810
Description: Undergrad/Expendable

E R. E. Phillips Memorial Scholarship
Gift code: A50811
Description: Preference shall be given to students majoring in mathematics and recipients will be selected on the basis of class standing, professional goals. Consideration will be given to financial need.

E Jan and Jirina Marik Fund for Mathematics
Gift code: A50812
Description: Recipients shall be selected on a basis of continuing education or research in the area of real variables and functional analysis mathematics according to the department procedures for selecting recipients.  This award can be renewable for the duration of the students enrollment at MSU.

X Professional Masters Program in Industrial Mathematics
Gift code: A50813
Description: Unrestricted / Expendable

X Actuarial Science Program
Gift code: A50814
Description: Programmatic / Expendable

E Actuarial Science Scholarship Fund
Gift code: A508141
Description: Scholarships will be awarded to help recruit and retain promising students who are majoring or specializing in the Actuarial Science Program.

E Robert J. Rietz Endowed Fund in Actuarial Science
Gift code: A508142
Description: Students must be enrolled in courses which are deemed part of the Actuarial Specialization by the Department of Mathematics.

E Radcliffe Family Endowment for Actuarial Science
Gift code: A508143
Description: Expenditures from the Endowment will be used to support the Actuarial Science Program in the College of Natural Science at the discretion of the coordinator with final approval by the Dean or for any future successor MSU unit.

X Ronald H. and Mary E. Simon Expendable Fund for Actuarial Science
Gift code: A508144
Description: Unrestricted / Expendable

E Ronald H. and Mary E. Simon Endowment for Actuarial Science
Gift code: A508145
Description: Expenditures from the Endowment will be used for the Actuarial Science Program in the College of Natural Science to support the Ronald H. and Mary E. Simon Actuarial Science Lecture as well as other purposes that will further raise the program's visibility and success at the discretion of the program coordinator with final approval by the Dean or for any future successor MSU unit.

E Paul Buben Actuary Science Scholarship Fund
Gift code: A508146
Description: The recipient must be pursuing a degree in actuarial science.

E William and Lydia Falk Scholarship
Gift code: A508147
Description: Recipients will have a major (or preferred major) in Actuarial Science and be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States of America. The following factors should be considered in selecting the recipients: 1) Membership in good standing in the Honors College; 2) Demonstration of financial need; 3) Having passed at least one actuarial examination offered by the Society of Actuaries of the Casualty Actuarial Society (or a successor organization).

E J. K. Billman, Jr., M.D. Actuarial Science Scholarship
Gift code: A508148
Description: The recipient must have junior class standing majoring in the College of Natural Science Dpartment of Mathematics pursuing a degree in actuarial science.

E Douglas A. Spragg Endowed Fellowship in Mathematics
Gift code: A508151
Description: This fellowship is awarded to graduate students in Mathematics.

X Department of Mathematics MCIAM Gore Fund
Gift code: A508152
Description: Programmatic/Expendable

E Mathematics Professorship Fund
Gift code: A508153
Description: Faculty/Endowment

X Department of Mathematics Chair Discretionary Fund
Gift code: A508154
Description: Unrestricted/Expendable

F James P. Conlon Mathematics Endowed Scholarship*
Gift code: A508155
Description: This endowment is awarded to a junior or senior majoring in Mathematics.

Kindle Mathematics Endowed Fund
Gift code: A508156
Description: The endowment will be used for the Department of Mathematics at the discretion of its chairperson for purposes including classroom and instructional resources.

F Carol Angela Desjardins Scholarship Fund in Mathematics*
Gift code: A508157
Description: This scholarship supports students who exhibit an open, curious, creative approach to education and ideas and intellectual ingenuity.

E Actuarial Science Exam Prize
Gift code: A508158
Description: Documentation of successful completion of actuarial exams administered by the Society of Actuaries or the Casualty Actuarial Society required. Recipients must be enrolled in the College of Natural Science. Recipients are encouraged, but not required, to be enrolled in the actuarial science degree or specialization programs.

F William M. Holmes Actuarial Science Scholarship Fund
Gift code: A508160
Description: Preference for the award of the scholarship will be given to undergraduate students who intend to receive a BS degree in Actuarial Science at Michigan State University. Should MSU no longer offer a degree in Actuarial Science, the recipient shall have a major (or preferred major) in Mathematics or Statistics.

E Jerry Gibson Lectureship-Real Analysis Exchange
Gift code: A50818
Description: The local organizers of the Summer Symposium in Real Analysis, in consultation with the Managing Editors of the Real Analysis Exchange, will select the Jerry Gibson Lecturer for that year. The lecture should be identified both in the scientific program and in the proceedings of the conference.

X Center for Geometry and Topology
Gift code: A50820
Description: Unrestricted/Expendable

X Mathematics Project Fund
Gift code: A50850
Description: Programmatic/Expendable