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Department of Plant Biology

Department of Plant Biology 

X Department of Plant Biology  
Gift code: A504 
Description: Programmatic/Expendable. 

E James E. Rodman Botany Scholarship Endowment 
Gift code: A50415 
Description: The scholarship is to be awarded to an undergraduate major or graduate student selected on the basis of academic achievement, and enrolled in a program of study or research in the plant sciences, broadly construed to include mycology, with a preference for, but not restricted to, the field of Systematics. 

E Norman A. Good Endowed Student Award 
Gift code: A50405 
Description: Eligible recipients shall be undergraduate or graduate students in the Department of Plant Biology. Awards may include scholarships and fellowships, summer Plant Biology, research support, funds to support a student's travel to a professional meeting, to bring to campus preeminent scientists in the field who will substantially enrich our student's educational experience, to bring a piece of scientific equipment for promising student research projects. 

E E. A. Bessey Memorial Fund 
Gift code: A504010 
Description: This fund supports graduate students in Plant Biology. 

E Dr. Leo W. Mericle and Dr. Rae Phelps Mericle Memorial Scholarship 
Gift code: A50402 
Description: Recipients of this award indicate promise of making a professional contribution to the study of genetics of higher plants. Demonstration of financial need shall be considered, however, it should not be the primary consideration. Special consideration will be given to those studying the effects of ionizing radiation on the genetics of higher plants. Recipients must be studying genetics of higher plants and be enrolled in one of these departments: Crop & Soil Science, Forestry, Horticulture, Plant Pathology or Plant Biology. 

E Botany and Plant Pathology Academic Enrichment Endowment Fund 
Gift code: A50403 
Description: This fund is for graduate recipients and visiting scholars to provide the costs associated with research which can only be conducted elsewhere. Funds may also be used to support travel to conferences, symposia, and professional meetings which offer unusual educational opportunities. 

X Plant Biology Undergraduate Scholarship Fund 
Gift code: A50404 
Description: Undergrad/Expendable. 

E Michigan State University Herbarium Endowment 
Gift code: A50412 
Description: Awarded to a MSU undergraduate or graduate student, or a student at another institution that is planning to study at the MSU Herbarium, and their research must include a component that is based on herbarium specimens. 

X Danny Schnell Plant Biology Post-Doc Fund
Gift code: A50418
Description: Expendable.

E John H. Beaman Memorial Herbarium Fund
Gift code: A504130
Description: Expenditures from the Endowment will be used to support the MSU Herbarium. The endowment will support collection management salaries and supplies, curatorial expenses, collecting expeditions, specimen digitization or other high priority needs. Expenditures are at the discretion of the Director of the Herbarium as authorized by the Chair of the Department of Plant Biology as administrator of the MSU Herbarium.