Department of Statistics and Probability

Department of Statistics and Probability
Gift code: A513
Description: Department discretionary fund.

Professor Pesi Masani Award in Probability Endowment
Gift code: A51306
Description: This fund provides prize award support for graduate students with top performance on the Probability Preliminary Exam. If such exam is not available, preference shall be given to graduate students with the strongest academic performance in probability courses as measured by course or exam grades or scores.

James and Alicia Stapleton Endowed Fellowship Fund in Statistics and Probability
Gift code: A5132
Description: Recipients should be graduate students in the Department of Statistics and Probability.

Department of Statistics and Probability Katz Library
Gift code: A51300
Description: Programmatic/Expendable.

Van Ryzin-Susarla Endowed Fellowship
Gift code: A51302
Description: This funds a graduate fellowship in the Department of Statistics and Probability.

John Kinney Memorial Fund
Gift code: A51303
Description: The John Kinney Memorial Lectureship is to be held in the Department of Statistics and Probability every third year and consist of a lecture from a prominent individual in the fields of mathematics or statistics.

Professor Vaclav Fabian Fellowship
Gift code: A51304
Description: Candidates eligible for this fellowship will be citizens of the Czech Republic who will pursue their graduate studies in one of the following disciplines: statistics and probability, mathematics or econometrics.

E James Hannan Visiting Scholar Endowment in Theoretical Statistics and Probability
Gift code: A51305
Description: The Visiting Scholar will be selected on the basis of research record in theoretical statistics and/or probability theory, a plan for the proposed research, and the significance of the research. Visitors will be in residence for at least a full semester.

Scott C. Belden Data Science and Risk Analytics Enhancement Fund
Gift code: A51307
Description: Unrestricted / Endowment.

Norbert Wiener Endowed Fund
Gift code: A5131
Description: This endowed fund will support lecturers, scholarships and prizes at the discretion of the Statistics and Probability Department Chairperson.

James and Alicia Stapleton Endowed Professorship Fund
Gift code: A51320
Description: The Department of Statistics and Probability in the College of Natural Science, or its future successor MSU unit, if any, will identify candidates for the James and Alician Stapleton Endowed Professorship according to its practices and procedures for the selection of such faculty in effect at the time of the selection. The Dean of the College of Natural Science, subject to the approval of the Office of the Provost, will select the individual to be named.

 Dr. William L. Harkness Endowment for Statistics and Probability
Gift code: A5133
Description: The fund shall be awarded for outstanding teaching by a graduate student in Statistics & Probability. Also, an award approximately every three years will be made to an instructor or full-time faculty member provided such a candidate is deemed meritorious or a grant or award to a graduate student, instructor, or faculty member for partial or full support of the development of innovative instructional materials or new modified course redesigns.

 Dr. William L. Harkness Fellowship in Statistics and Probability
Gift code: A51330
Description: Fellowship support for graduate students in good standing who are enrolled in the Statistics and Probability department.