Kellogg Biological Station

E George H. Lauff Scholarship
Gift code: A50016
Description: Recipients must be enrolled in a Kellogg Biological Station (KBS) program or pursuing dissertation research at KBS.

E Joe Johnson Endowment for Wildlife Conservation Fellowships
Gift code: A51831
Description: This fellowship shall be awarded to students enrolled in programs or doing research and who want to study and work with wildlife conservation, species or habitat preservation and/or restoration of the W.K. Kellogg Biological Station, with first preference given to MSU students working at the Bird Sanctuary.

E Kellogg Biological Station Conservation Legacy Fund
Gift code: A51832
Description: The endowment will be used for Kellogg Biological Station purposes at the discretion of its Director. These purposes include, but are not limited to: programming at KBS; unkeep and enhancement of facilities including the grounds and Kellogg Manor House; and Student scholarships, fellowships and stipends.

E KBS Bird Sanctuary Enrichment Fund
Gift code: A51838
Description: Expenditures from the Endowment will be used to support the Bird Sanctuary for the greatest needs in student support, staffing, programming, equipment, supplies and facility needs.

KBS Aquatic Ecology Fellowship Fund
Gift code: A51880
Description: Graduate/Endowment

X Kellogg Biological Station
Gift code: A518
Description: Programmatic / Expendable

X Friends of the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary
Gift code: A5183
Description: Other / Expendable

E Patricia A. Werner Scholarship for Ecological Field Studies
Gift code: A51833
Description: Recipients must be enrolled in either scheduled field courses or individual study or research units requiring field work during the semester that the Scholarship is received.

F Sharin E. & Thomas C. Noall and Charles & Thelma E. Noall Scholarship in Biological and Environmental Science at Kellogg Biological Station*
Gift code: A51834
Description: Recipients should be juniors with financial need and pursuing studies in the area of environmental or biological sciences.

E KBS Graduate Student Research Fellowship
Gift code: A51835
Description: This Fellowship will support graduate students performing research with preference given to those doing aquatic or bird research.

X Richard A. Brunt Family Scholarship at the W. K. Kellogg Biological Station
Gift code: A51836
Description: Undergraduate / Expendable

E James Larson W. K. Kellogg Biological Station Endowment for Graduate Research in Climate Change and Environmental Sciences
Gift code: A51837
Description: Support for graduate student research that contributes to the sustainability and enhancement of natural and managed ecosystems that are critical for life on earth. Recipients should be graduate students at MSU conducting research at KBS related to alternative energy, climate change, basic or applied ecology, or related emerging fields.

E T. Wayne and Kathryn Porter Graduate Fellowship Endowment Fund
Gift code: A5185
Description: Recipients must be in good academic standing and have an interest in conducting classical field study. Preference shall be given to candidates studying the natural history of invertebrates.

E Kellogg Biological Station ROKS (Residential Opportunities at Kellogg Station) Scholarship
Gift code: A5187
Description: Students will have achieved sophomore status or have taken the necessary prerequisites for the courses.

X Kellogg Manor House and Estate
Gift code: A5188
Description: Other / Expendable

E W.K. Kellogg Biological Station
Gift code: A126
Description: Programmatic / Expendable

E KBS Volunteer Program
Gift code: A1260
Description: The MSU Kellogg Biological Station Volunteer Program's primary goal is to encourage community involvement through outreach and education.

X Kellogg Farm
Gift code: A12604
Description: Other / Expendable

E Benjamin Skulnick Endowed Scholarship & Research Fund
Gift code: A12607
Description: Awards will be given to support costs for the recipient to be in residence at KBS and to participate in coursework or research. Funds can be used for tuition and fees, housing or as a stipend for students only for resarch to be conducted at the Kellogg Biological Station.

E W.K. Kellogg Manor House and Estate Endowment
Gift code: A12609
Description: Expendable Amounts will be used to provide perpetual resources for the care and preservation of the W.K. Kellogg Manor historic facility and grounds and support student internships at the Kellogg Estate.