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Neuroscience Program

X Neuroscience Program Fund
Gift code: A54
Description: Programmatic/Expendable.

X Neuroscience Program Outreach Fund
Gift code: A543
Description: Programmatic/Expendable.

F Cheryl Sisk and Doug Gage Neuroscience Graduate Scholarship
Gift code: A541
Description: The recipient should be a doctoral candidate (post-comprehensive exam) and engaged in neuroscience research. Funds could be used to support stipend, tuition and fees, travel to professional meetings, or other activities related to research training. Preference should be given to students working on problems related to behavioral neuroscience and/or human mental health and employing mammalian model systems.

F Dr. Richard Hahin Neuroscience Faculty Fellowship
Gift code: A542
Description: This fellowship is to be used to support a faculty member (tenure track or tenured) engaged in neuroscience-related research.