Plant Research Laboratory

X Plant Research Laboratory
Gift code: A512
Description: Department discretionary fund.

E Jan Zeevaart MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory Lectureship Endowment
Gift code: A5120
Description: This endowment supports visiting lecturers by internationally known scientists for the purpose of enhancing the scholarly environment of the PRL on a triennial schedule, either in conjunction with or independent of the Plant Research Laboratory retreat.

E Hans Kende Memorial Award in Plant Science
Gift code: A5122
Description: The recipient shall have been recently granted a Ph.D. and will have written a thesis with a focus on some aspect of Plant Science. Candidates may have studied in the following departments, although this list is not inclusive: Plant Biology, Plant Pathology, Horticulture, Forestry, Biochemistry, Genetics, Crop and Soil Science, and Cell and Molecular Biology.

E Natural Science Plant Research Lab 50th Anniversary Graduate Award
Gift code: A5123
Description: Graduate / Endowment

E Keegstra and Thomashow Travel Award
Gift code: A5124
Description: The Travel Award is intended to offset Plant Research Laboratory Students' travel costs. Recipients must be Plant Research Laboratory students.

X Global Coral Bleaching Project Fund
Gift code: A5125
Description: Programmatic / Expendable

X Plant Research Laboratory
Gift code: AG13
Description: Research / Expendable

E Anton Lang Memorial Fund
Gift code: A00007
Description: Research excellence is the primary criterion. Other scholarly activities may also be considered. Postdoctoral and graduate student awardees will be selected on the basis of research carried out while at the Pesticide Research Lab.