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Recent Alumni Award

The Recent Alumni Award recognizes alumni who have graduated within the last 15 years and have shown outstanding professional growth. Recipients exemplify MSU’s commitment to the land-grant mission of teaching, research and outreach through their dedication to professional, community and/or MSU service.

Anyone may submit a nomination.

The award is presented at the annual alumni awards held in conjunction with Classes Without Quizzes.

Nominations not selected to receive the award are held for three years and automatically re-nominated each year.

Questions? Please contact Sara Ford via email or (517) 884-0290.

2022 Recent Alumni Award

Ph.D. Chemistry ’10

Mark Evans Ondari, currently Global Technology Guardian at Corteva Agriscience (formerly Dow AgroSciences/Dow-DuPont), is a Six Sigma Greenbelt who uses Continuous Improvement methodologies to make complex processes in Manufacturing Science and Technology (MSAT) more efficient. His research philosophy is based on the development of cross-discipline expertise to address technical questions in chemistry-dependent fields. As such, Ondari has broad expertise leading projects in Discovery Research Chemistry, Process Development and Manufacturing Science & Technology.

Through these technical leadership roles and a passion to drive innovation from foundational chemical and engineering principles, Ondari has designed and reduced-to-practice patented technology for Corteva Agriscience and Dow. He has applied rigorous industry standards by practicing the principles of Scientific Method, Fundamental Problem Solving (FPS) and Six Sigma (6σ) methodologies in all areas of product development.

In recognition of his contributions, Ondari was a three-time inductee into the CEO’s High Potential/Future Fellows, a talent incubation program for highly promising employees at the Dow Chemical Company.

Ondari has published seven research articles and holds more than twenty patents/patent applications from his research at the Dow and Corteva Agriscience. He has given more than nine external presentations, including as an invited speaker at the National Organic Symposium (NOC), University of Maryland, College Park (2015); Oregon State University (2022); and the ACS Virtual Seminar (2022).

From 2013-2015, Ondari was a Ph.D. recruiter at MSU for Dow Chemical; as a result, several MSU chemistry department alumni were hired. He also served as a judge for the A.H. Nickless Innovation Award, which recognizes and engages aspiring STEM high school students in real-world industrial challenges holistically, where they evaluate the science and the hidden cost of translating ideas into products. He has also volunteered at the Great Lakes Region Science Bowl Competition (2012); Science Olympiad (2010-2013); and the LEADership, Education and Development (LEAD) program through the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2012). He was a member of the board of directors (2012-2014) for the Midland Open-Door, a soup kitchen and shelter for the homeless.

Past Recipients

  • 2021 - Shannon Morey, B.S. Chemistry ’10
  • 2020 - Kristina Martin, B.S. Clinical Laboratory Science ’02, M.S. Biomedical Laboratory Operations ’07
  • 2019 - Eeda Marie Wallbank, B.S. Environmental Biology and Botany ’05
  • 2018 - Paul Thomas, M.D., B.S. Human Biology ’09
  • 2017 - Jason Pratt, B.S. Microbiology and Molecular Genetics ’05
  • 2016 - Chelsea Walton, Ph.D. Mathematics '05
  • 2015 - Jennifer Schomaker, Ph.D. Chemistry ’06
  • 2014 - Karen Wayland, Ph.D. Environmental Geosciences and Resource Development ’01
  • 2013 – Sasha Fawaz, Zoology and Psychology '08
  • 2012 – Li Fan, Biochemistry ’00
  • 2010 – Dan Mindiola, Chemistry ’96
  • 2008 – Brian Langley, Chemistry ’99
  • 2005 – Wakeshi Benson, Chemistry ’96
  • 2003 – Carl Bruch, Physics ’96