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Bylaws (PDF)

Proposed Revisions to the NatSci Bylaws from the NatSci Faculty Advisory Council October 25, 2018

NatSci Voting Faculty Member,

The following is a summary of proposed changes to the NatSci Bylaws. As stipulated in the bylaws, the proposed changes were posted for discussion for 10 business days on an electronic discussion site from October 8 to October 19. 

On October 22, the comments and questions were compiled and forwarded to FAC members.  The NatSci FAC approved deleting paragraph from the proposed bylaws changes.  The other proposed change to the RPT committee remains the same, i.e., moving from six elected members (one elected from each of the three NatSci districts and three elected at large) to one member selected by each of the eleven NatSci tenure-granting units, all at full professor rank.  You will have the opportunity to vote Yes, No, or Needs Discussion on the proposed bylaws changes. 

Now voting will take place for 5 business days by electronic ballot from October 25 to October 31. 

  • Many changes are insubstantial—updating name changes and amendments to be consistent with the University Bylaws. Some changes were recommended by a representative of the University Committee on Academic Governance (UCAG).
  • As part of the university branding initiative, the college has changed its short name from CNS to NatSci. Bylaws were updated to reflect the change.
  • The FAC approved a change of membership on the NatSci Scholarships and Award Committee at the October 12, 2017 meeting. The change adds one academic specialist-advisor to the committee and the flexibility to have the director of Undergraduate Student Affairs or that person’s designee serve. See 
  • The FAC approved a change to the composition of the NatSci Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure Committee at the September 26, 2018, meeting. The change provides committee representation from each tenure-granting department in the college.

Please click here for a PDF showing the markup of changes.

Here is a link to the Qualtrics poll which will be used to collect votes.  The poll will become active at 12:01 a.m. on October 25.