Faculty Teaching Prize Description


Faculty Teaching Prize Nomination Form (Word) for Chairs

To recognize teaching excellence in the College of Natural Science, each year the college will award teaching prize salary increments of $2K to select fixed-term and tenure-system faculty. These salary increments are permanent additions to the recipient’s full-time base salary. Salary adjustments will be included in the raise list submitted to the central budget office in September. The adjusted salary will be reflected in the October paycheck.


Nominations for the NatSci Faculty Teaching Prize are due to the NatSci Dean’s Office each year by June 30.


To be eligible, a faculty member’s lead appointment must be in NatSci and he/she should receive at least an average departmental raise. Faculty who have received this award are ineligible to be nominated for the next two years (i.e. an individual may win the teaching prize salary increment at most once every three years).

Number Awarded

Each year NatSci raise funds will be used to recognize up to 10 excellent teachers (no more than 2 each year from any one unit). BioSci and ISGS may submit independent nominations (see below).


Faculty Teaching Prize Nomination Form (Word) for Chairs

Chairs and Directors who wish to nominate faculty for the NatSci Faculty Teaching Prize should provide a short statement for each faculty nominee describing their teaching contributions and why their contributions are exceptional. The justification should provide specific evidence of outstanding teaching performance and increases in student learning, such as:

  1. outstanding student or peer teaching evaluations (adjusted for course type and audience),
  2. use, introduction, or dissemination of innovative and research-validated teaching methods,
  3. leadership in important course or curricular revision or development, or mentoring of other faculty in teaching.
  4. [Optional] attach a support letter from a colleague.

BioSci and ISGS Procedure:

  1. Identify up to two faculty to be considered for the NatSci Faculty Teaching Prize based on their BioSci or ISGS teaching, and write the corresponding (short) justification described above.
  2. Ask the Chair of the unit that the faculty member is appointed in to confirm their co-sponsorship of the nomination, and their intention to award the faculty member at least the average raise in their Departmental raise recommendations.

NOTE: These BioSci and ISGS nominations will not be counted against those submitted by the Departments - and should be clearly identified as coming from BioSci or ISGS. (If the Department chooses, they can endorse a BioSci or ISGS recommendation in lieu of making a separate one.)

Updated: 3/15/13