Junior Faculty Mentoring Award

Number Awarded: 1

Monetary Award: $1,000

This award recognizes the outstanding mentor who successfully guides a junior faculty member(s) successfully through their academic career path.

Criteria: A good Mentor recognizes the importance of strong mentoring and keeps the Mentee’s best interest foremost. The mentoring relationship must be confidential and built on a foundation of mutual trust and honesty.

The following criteria are to be addressed in nominations:

  1. Professional Development. Serves as an effective role model and resource for channeling energies into successful research, teaching and institutional navigation. Assists in expansion of a professional network and creates avenues of recognition for the Mentee and their body of work. Works to clarify a balance of the Mentee’s new roles as a part of faculty, department, college, university and professional field.
  2. Holistic Balance. Respects and accepts the Mentee as an individual in all aspects of life by expressing a genuine interest beyond the academic arena. This is exemplified by being a strong role model, serving as a resource for university support and encouraging the establishment and maintenance of a healthy balance of work and home life.

Nominations are accepted from the Mentor’s supervisor, colleagues, or mentee(s).

Retired faculty are eligible for nomination.

Junior Faculty Mentoring Award Nomination Form (Word)

Past Recipients:

  • 2018 - Michael Thoennessen, Physics and Astronomy
  • 2017 - Julia V. Busik, Physiology
  • 2016 - Kathryn M. Doig, Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics
  • 2015 - Stephen Zepf, Physics and Astronomy
  • 2014 - James K. McCusker, Chemistry