Postdoctoral Mentoring Award

Number Awarded: 1

Monetary Award: $1,000

This award recognizes the outstanding mentor who successfully guides a postdoctoral researcher(s) successfully on their academic or non-academic career path.

Criteria: A good Mentor recognizes the importance of strong mentoring and keeps the Mentee’s best interest foremost. The mentoring relationship must be confidential and built on a foundation of mutual trust and honesty.

The following criteria are to be addressed in nominations:

  1. Professional Development. Serves as an effective resource for successful research and navigating institutions. Assists in expansion of a professional network and creates avenues of recognition for the Mentee and their body of work. Helps the Mentee refine their research interests in preparation for the next stage of his/her career.  Helps the Mentee effectively manage projects and personnel.
  2. Holistic Balance. Respects and accepts the Mentee as an individual in all aspects of life by expressing a genuine interest beyond the academic arena. This is exemplified by being a strong role model, serving as a resource for university support and encouraging the establishment and maintenance of a healthy balance of work and home life both now and as the Mentee makes the transition to the next stage of his/her career.

Nominations are accepted from the Mentor’s supervisor, colleagues, or mentee(s).
Retired faculty are eligible for nomination.

Postdoctoral Mentoring Award Nomination Form (Word)

Past Recipients:

  • 2018 - Robert L. Last, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • 2017 - John B. Ohlrogge, Plant Biology
  • 2016 – Dean DellaPenna, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • 2015 – Oleksandr "Alex" Levchenko, Physics & Astronomy
  • 2014 – Christoph Benning, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • 2013 – Julie Libarkin, Geological Sciences/Integrative Studies