Committees and Councils

Council on Diversity and Community
Curriculum Committee
Student Advisory Council (SAC)
Faculty Advisory Council (FAC)
Graduate Committee
Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee
Scholarships and Awards Committee
University Committee NatSci Representatives

Council on Diversity & Community

The CDC advises the college on issues relevant to women and minorities, including identification of tools and resources for handling work-life balance, enhancing recruitment and retention of talented members of the math and science communities, and creating environments where diversity in background and lifestyle are believed to be an asset in advancing success. The CDC organizes workshops and speakers promoting the development of resources for work-life balance in a diverse community.

Council Members 2017-18:

  • Sue Carpenter, Administrative Business Professional/S, (CREATE)
  • Laura Chomiuk, Assistant Professor (PHY)
  • Teresa Clark, PhD Student (PLB/QB)
  • Pawel Danielewicz, Professor (PHY)
  • Rob Davis, MTH, (Postdoc)
  • Ninotchska Delvalle-Dorta, PhD Student (NEU)
  • Andrea Doseff, Professor (PSL)
  • Paul Fiesel, PhD Student, (BMS)
  • Eben Gering, Research Associate (IBIO)
  • Alessandra Hunt, Research Associate (MMG)
  • Lily Johnson-Ulrich, PhD Student, (IBIO)
  • Kendra Pyle Kanaboshi, Specialist - Advisor (BMB)
  • Dustin Kincaid, PhD Student (KBS)
  • Kenna Lehmann, PhD Student (IBIO/EEBB)
  • Danielle Flores Lopez, Specialist-Advisor (NatSci)
  • Susan McQuiston, Instructor (BLD)
  • Bethany Niedzielski, PhD Student (PHY)
  • Jason Olsen, PhD Student (PLB)
  • Daniel Pfau, PhD Student (NEU)
  • Joyce Pinckney, Executive Staff Assistant (NatSci)
  • Dante Poe, Undergraduate Student (BMB)
  • Andrea Rafferty, Secretary II (BLD)
  • Ariel Robbins, Specialist - Advisor (DREW)
  • Tyrone Rooney, Associate Professor (GLG)
  • Matt Schrenk, Assistant Professor (EES)
  • Sarah Seloske, Graduate Secretary (PLB)
  • Devin Silvia, Postdoctoral Fellow (PHY)
  • Marty Spranger, Assistant Professor (PSL)
  • John Tran, PhD Student (PLB)
  • Chrysoula Vasileiou, Specialist - Teacher (CEM)
  • Jonglim Yoo, Specialist - Advisor (Dow STEM)

View the CDC Mission and Bylaws (Changes pending success of subcommittee structure.)

Curriculum Committee

The committee handles undergraduate and graduate matters of curriculum, and is an advisory body in the area of educational policies. It examines and evaluates policies relating to subject matter, methods of instruction, academic advising, graduation requirements, and curriculum revision.

Committee Members 2018-19:

  • Denis Proshlyakov (CEM)
  • Susan Hill (IBIO)
  • Amy Pollock (CEM)
  • Charles Hoogstraten (BMB)
  • Vince Melfi (STT)
  • Bruce Sagan (MTH)
  • Undergrad Student Rep
  • Grad Student Rep


  • Representative to the University Curriculum Committee
  • Representative to the University Committee on Undergraduate Education
  • Representative of the Natural Science Graduate Committee
  • Phillip M. Duxbury, Dean
  • G. Mark Voit, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
  • Richard Schwartz, Associate Dean for Graduate Education
  • Cori Fata-Hartley, Assistant Dean for Curriculum Coordination
  • Heidi Purdy, Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Danielle Flores Lopez, Assistant Director of Student Success
  • Janae Lawler, Assistant Director of Academic Advising


For details on the Curriculum Committee composition, functions and procedures, see the College Bylaws (section 3.4.5).

Student Advisory Council (SAC)

The SAC advises the college on issues concerning undergraduate and graduate students, and promotes the interests of these students. View the roster and more details on SAC.

Faculty Advisory Council (FAC)

The FAC advises the college on matters of importance to the faculty, nominates representatives to the Academic Council and university committees, selects faculty members for college committees, and selects nominees for the Distinguished Faculty Awards, Teacher-Scholar Awards, and Excellence in Teaching Awards.

Council Members 2017-18

  • Michaela TerAvest (BMB)
  • Francis Downes (BLD)
  • Kevin Walker (CEM)
  • Shanker Balasubramaniam (CMSE)
  • Dave Long (EES)
  • Ke Dong (ENT)
  • Nathanial Ostrom (IBIO)
  • Elena Litchman (KBS)
  • Di Liu (MTH)
  • Kefei Yu (MMG)
  • Megan Donahue (PHY)
  • Karl Olson (PSL)
  • Frank Telewski (PLB)
  • Jianping Hu (PRL)
  • Shlomo Levental (STT)
  • Postdoc Representative - Saul Beceiro Novo (NSCL) - FAC chair
  • Undergrad SAC Representative - Benjamin McCarthy (EES)
  • Graduate SAC Representative - Brandon Coughlin (PSL)


Phillip M. Duxbury, Dean
David DeWitt, Senior Associate Dean
Cheryl Sisk, Associate Dean for Faculty Development

Follow this link for Faculty Advisory Council Meeting Minutes.

For details on the NatSci Faculty Advisory Council composition, functions, and procedures, see the NatSci Bylaws (section 3.3.2).

Graduate Committee

The coordinating committee for the graduate programs in the college is a formal channel of communication on matters involving the graduate programs and research activities that may be received from individuals.


  • Graduate program directors of each academic unit in the College.
  • Graduate student representatives (2).


  • Representatives to the University Graduate Council
  • Phillip M. Duxbury, Dean
  • Richard Schwartz, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

For details on the Graduate Committee composition, functions and procedures, see the College Bylaws (section 3.4.6).

Reappointment, Promotion & Tenure Committee

The RPT Committee has shared responsibility with the Dean in making recommendations regarding promotion and tenure of faculty.

Committee Members 2018:

  • Norman Birge (PHY)
  • Gary Blanchard (CEM)
  • Patrick Dillon (PSL)
  • Jeff Schenker (MTH)
  • Robert "Jan" Stevenson (IBIO)
  • Ned Walker (MMG)


  • Cheryl Sisk, Associate Dean for Faculty Development

For details on the Promotion and Tenure Committee composition, functions and procedures, see our Bylaws (section 3.4.7).

For details on the reappointment, promotion and tenure process, see the Guidelines for Faculty Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure in the College of Natural Science.

Scholarships & Awards Committee

The committee handles the selection procedures for all endowed scholarships and awards in the college as defined by the guidelines of each individual scholarship or award.

Committee Members 2017-18

  • Scott Pratt (PHY)
  • Pavel Sikorskii (MTH)
  • Neal Hammer (MMG)
  • Graduate Student Representative
  • Undergraduate Student Representative


  • Alumni Representatives (2)
  • G. Mark Voit, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
  • Heidi Purdy, Director of Academic Student Affairs

For details on the Scholarships and Awards Committee composition, functions and procedures, see the College Bylaws (section 3.4.8).

University Committee NatSci Representatives

Committee Members 2017-18:

  • University Council and Faculty Senate
    • Lisa Lapidus (PHY)
    • V. Mandrekar (STT)
    • Milan Miklavcic (MTH)
    • Kyle Miller (IBIO)
    • Russell Schwab (MTH)
      • Steering Committee: Greg Swain (CEM)
  • Standing Committees
    • Undergrad Education - Marcos (Danny) Caballero (PHY)
    • Curriculum - Denis Proshlyakov (CEM)
    • Faculty Affairs - Matthew Comstock (PHY)
    • Faculty Tenure - Christopher Waters (MMG)
    • Graduate Studies
      • Tom Sharkey (BMB)
      • Kristen Tollefson (PHY)
    • Academic Governance - Michael (Misha) Shapiro (MTH)
  • Advisory/Consultative Committees
    • Honors Programs - Jeanne Wald (MTH)
    • International Programs - Pamela Rasmussen (IBIO)
    • Library - R. V. Ramamoorthi (STT)
  • Hearing Boards
    • University Student-Faculty Judiciaries
      • James Jackson (CEM)
      • Yuehua Cui (STT)
      • Michael Feig (BMB)