FAC Minutes 02-01-18

College of Natural Science

Faculty Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes of Special Meeting Called to Discuss

the Current University Situation and What

Culture Change Looks Like

February 1, 2018

Present: S. Beceiro Novo, M. Comstock, B. Coughlin, D. DeWitt, M. Donahue, F. Downes, D. Liu, D. Long, B. McCarthy, K. Olson, N. Ostrom, V. Osowski, C. Palmer, F. Peterson, C. Sisk, and M. TerAvest

Interim Dean Cheryl Sisk called a special meeting to discuss MSU campus climate.

C. Sisk provided an overview of what the deans have done and are doing. She emphasized that the deans’ message is from a human standpoint – not legalistic or protective of the Board of Trustees.

Discussion took place regarding the way faculty governance is structured. It seems problematic that faculty and student academic bodies are all advisory. A review of structure at other universities was suggested.

A recommendation to form a college-wide task force to make recommendations for what aspects of culture change are needed was well received. The task force would need representation across the college. Someone with counseling experience – at least one member should be included. Instead of the FAC being the task force, that task force could report to the FAC.

Further discussion to take place at the regularly scheduled meeting on February 8, 2018.