FAC Minutes 02-9-17

College of Natural Science
Faculty Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes
February 9, 2017

Present: S. Balasubramaniam, S. Beceiro Novo, D. Bello, M. Comstock, M. Donahue, F. Downes, G. Garrity, J. Kirkpatrick, E. Litchman, D. Liu, D. Long, K. Olson, F. Peterson, C. Sisk, M. Steury, and M. TerAvest

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the January 12, 2017 meeting were approved with an addition to the list of those present.

NatSci Student Advisory Council Report

It was reported that the graduate student representative to the NatSci Dean Search Committee and three students who will serve on FAC SIRS subcommittee were chosen (names below). Also that an update from Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education Mark Voit is encouraging that EASE reports may be helping keep students off probation.

University Council/Faculty Senate Committee Report

D. Bello stated that there was no report other than that the Campus Climate, Diversity and Inclusion Report was sent to all faculty.

University Committee on Faculty Affairs Report

Discussion about proposed changes to the Patent Policy took place – see below.

Old Business

NatSci Dean Search Committee

Jason Schrad was chosen by SAC to be the graduate student representative on the search committee. The committee roster w/contact information was added to the NatSci website.

SIRS Subcommittee

Three students were chosen by the SAC to serve on the SIRS Subcommittee. Membership is: Shanker Balasubramaniam, Saul Beceiro Novo, Diana Bello, Sydney Daviskiba, Taylor Fillar, and Mary Sabuda. The subcommittee will be meeting in March.

Undergraduate Learning Award

A motion was passed to approve the establishment of the award. Candidates for the new award will be solicited along with those for established awards in the upcoming cycle.

IBIO Bylaws Review

The three subcommittees appointed to review the Integrative Biology Bylaws reported on their section and offered comments/suggestions where appropriate. Other members also participated. F. Peterson will compile comments and forward them to IBIO.

New Business

University Patent Policy Changes

Committee members received an attachment sent along with the meeting agenda, which had been distributed to NatSci chairs and directors, summarizing the proposed changes to the patent policy. M. Comstock gave an overview of those changes, which were brought about by hiring issues and to bring MSU’s policy in line with standard policies at peer institutions. The current policy contains ambiguities on MSU’s claim to ownership, which may cause people not to be involved in projects/collaborations. The new policy makes it clear when MSU will or will not claim ownership. The changes have the support of Rich Chylla’s Inventor’s Advisory Committee and have been approved by the University Committee on Faculty Affairs (UCFA).

Agenda for Upcoming Meetings

Members were encouraged to bring ideas for agenda items for upcoming meetings. Some ideas are updates on: faculty health care, STEM Building, and dean search.