FAC Minutes 05-11-17

College of Natural Science


Faculty Advisory Council


Meeting Minutes

May 11, 2017



Present: D. Bello, A. Cognato, F. Downes, G. Garrity, J. Hu, J. Kirkpatrick, E. Litchman, D. Liu, F. Peterson, and M. TerAvest


Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the March 16, 2017 meeting were approved as written. The April 2017 meeting was canceled.


NatSci Student Advisory Council Report

M. TerAvest gave a general update. There were no substantial issues to report.


University Council/Faculty Senate Committee Report



Old Business


Dean Search Committee

D. Bello reported that 26 candidates were narrowed down to 13 for Skype interviews. Of those 13, 5 were invited for on-campus interviews. Those chosen for interviews are as follows.


  1. May 1-2: Brad Orr, UM (Chair, Physics)
  2. May 3-4: Richard Kuhn, Purdue (Director, P. Institute of Inflammation, Immunology & Infectious Diseases & Department Head, Biol. Sci.)
  3. May 8-9: Scott Selleck, Penn State (Prof. & Head, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
  4. May 11-12: Angela Wilson, MSU (Hannah Distinguished Professor, Chemistry) but really at NSF (Math & Physical Sciences division director)
  5. May 15-16: Susan Martinis, U of IL (Head, Biochemistry & Medical Biochemistry; CHEM)


Links to feedback surveys and videos of public presentations are being forwarded to all faculty and staff in the college via email.


The search committee will meet after all the candidate visits to come up with a recommendation to Provost Youatt.


SIRS Subcommittee

It was reported that the subcommittee met twice since the last FAC meeting. Members developed three major categories for evaluation and then developed a Draft of the Proposed Student Assessment Questions for each category. Although members narrowed questions to 6-7 for each category, students on the subcommittee feel that there are still too many. The draft is not yet ready for FAC or SAC. Next steps: finalizing question structure/format, finalizing open-end questions, possibly setting up a beta test, and coming up with possible mid-semester feedback alternatives. D. Bello will be rotating off the FAC. F. Downes has agreed to take over as the chair of the subcommittee. It will be necessary to check with SAC to make sure students have not rotated off.


Current SIRS Subcommittee members are:

  1. Shanker Balasubramaniam (bshanker@egr.msu.edu)
  2. Saul Beceiro Novo (beceiro@msu.edu)
  3. Diana Bello (bellodia@msu.edu)
  4. Sydney Daviskiba (daviskib@msu.edu)
  5. Taylor Fillar (fillarta@msu.edu)
  6. Di Liu (richarddiliu@gmail.com)
  7. Mary Sabuda (sabudama@msu.edu)


New Business


Thanks to Members Cycling Off

Dean Kirkpatrick expressed thanks to the following members cycling off the council: Anthony Cognato, ENT; Diana Bello, IBIO; George Garrity, MMG; Cheryl Sisk, NSP; Mary Linabury, PLB-Undergrad Rep; and Mike Steury, PSL-Grad Rep. He also thanked the FAC officers and those who served as liaisons and representatives to other committees, especially those who are serving on the NatSci Dean Search Committee.


Review Annual Reports of NatSci Standing Committees

FAC members had a chance to review reports from standing committees before the meeting. There were no questions about the report at the meeting.


Discussion and Selection of Award Recipients

Committee members determined recipients of NatSci Awards and which nomination packets would be put forth for university award consideration.


Suggestions were made for making minor adjustments to the awards procedure. F. Peterson will send them to next year’s committee members for review/discussion before the solicitation is sent for the 2018-2019 awards.


Next Meeting: Fall 2017