FAC Minutes 1-14-16

College of Natural Science
Faculty Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes
January 14, 2016


Present: S. Beceiro Novo, D. Bello, A. Cognato, F. Downes, G. Garrity, M. Gottfried, J. Kirkpatrick, S. Levental, E. Litchman, B. Montgomery, K. Olson, F. Peterson, C. Piermarocchi, C. Sisk, and T. Zacharewski

Approval of Minutes. The minutes from the November 12, 2015 meeting were approved with a minor correction relating to which unit’s bylaws had been reviewed.

NatSci Student Advisory Council Report

There was no pertinent information from the last meeting to report.

University Council/Faculty Senate Committee Report

FAC liaison to the University Council/Faculty Senate was not present at the meeting.

Old Business

Update on NatSci Policy for Undergraduate Research Volunteers

A revised draft was sent to members prior to the meeting. It was initially understood that students who were not allowed to be employed in the U.S. must be excluded from volunteering in labs. Changing the wording to “volunteer research training” allows those students to be included. A research volunteer is defined as any person who is approved by a Principal Investigator (PI) to be involved in laboratory-based activities and duties for the purpose of gaining skills and competencies. The volunteer cannot be promised nor expect current or future compensation for engaging in voluntary activities/duties. The subcommittee is comfortable with this change in wording based on OISS communications. Subcommittee members clearly stated that 1) volunteers (domestic or international) are not approved to do labor – they volunteer to be trained, and 2) it must be clearly stated that compensation is not promised. It was decided that a statement to emphasize that the volunteer opportunity is training and not work experience will be added to the form. OISS asserted that the volunteer form cannot be used by a person to apply for a visa. It was noted that that there will be an addendum for minors. Committee members approved a motion to send the document to General Council.

New Business

Upcoming February APR Review

Academic Program Review documents from GLG, PRIME, and BioSci are due to NatSci on February 2. F. Peterson will forward them to committee members along with review instructions from the dean as soon as they are received. The committee will review all 3 documents at the February and March meetings.

Review Physiology Bylaws

The three subcommittees appointed to review the PSL Bylaws reported on their section and offered comments/suggestions where appropriate. A motion was passed to approve the bylaws. F. Peterson will compile comments and forward them to the Department of Physiology.

February Meeting Date

Discussion regarding rescheduling the February meeting due to the dean’s travel schedule took place. It was decided that F. Peterson would poll committee members and inform them of the date chosen.