FAC Minutes 10-12-17

College of Natural Science

Faculty Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2017

Present: S. Balasubramaniam, S. Beceiro Novo, B. Coughlin, D. DeWitt, K. Dong, M. Donohue, F. Downes, S. Levental, D. Liu, D. Long, B. McCarthy, K. Olson, N. Ostrom, F. Peterson, F. Telewski, M. TerAvest, and K. Yu


Approval of Minutes. The minutes from the September 7, 2017 meeting were approved as written.


University Committee on Faculty Affairs Report

No report.


NatSci Student Advisory Council Report

It was reported that elections were held. The new representatives from the SCS were in attendance at the meeting.


University Council/Faculty Senate Committee Report

No report.


Update from Chairs & Directors Meeting

D. DeWitt gave an update on topics discussed at the NatSci Chairs and Directors meeting. He expects that it will be a standing topic at each FAC meeting.


Special Meeting to Discuss Process of Choosing an Interim Dean

Preparation for the meeting with Terry Curry November 2 to discuss the process for choosing an Interim Dean was discussed. It was decided that F. Peterson would send an email to Mr. Curry asking for materials or a message that would help council members prepare. In the meantime, talking to department chairs and colleagues to come up with names of people they believe should be considered for the position was encouraged. It was noted that an Interim Dean could be in the position for a long time depending on the success of the search.


Dean Search

S. Beceiro Novo updated council members with general information about the last search and the status of the new search. There are 15 new candidates who could be interesting. The committee is gathering information. It is hoped that first interviews via videoconference can take place before the first of the year. Members were encouraged to reach out to S. Beceiro Novo with Interim Dean Candidate nominations.




Old Business


Alternative SIRS

No report. Student members were invited to join the subcommittee if they are interested, as students recruited last year have graduated. They both agreed and their names will be added to the subcommittee roster.


New Business


Request for Changes to the NatSci Scholarships and Awards Committee

Members of the Council on Diversity and Community and Associate Dean Mark Voit requested changes to the membership of the NatSci Scholarships and Award Committee. The request was circulated to FAC members before the meeting. Discussion took place regarding the request. The proposed changes were approved unanimously.


NatSci Bylaws Revision

Debra Nails from the University Committee on Academic Governance (UCAG) reviewed the NatSci Bylaws and pointed out inconsistencies with the University Bylaws that reflect name changes and amendments. There were no substantial changes noted in her review. Since then, a change of membership on the NatSci Scholarships and Award Committee was requested. Since there is now a significant change to be made, all proposed changes should be reviewed and the bylaws updated. It is hoped that discussion regarding proposed changes will be completed at the November meeting. It was decided that all council members will review the proposed changes before the meeting and that they will come to the November meeting with questions/comments for the discussion. F. Peterson will send an updated copy and a note identifying specific items that may warrant discussion.


Suggest Items for Next Agenda

There were no suggestions made. Members were encouraged to reach out to S. Beceiro Novo or F. Peterson if an item comes up before the next meeting.


Next Meeting: November 9, 2017