FAC Minutes 12-14-17

College of Natural Science

Faculty Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes

December 14, 2017

Present: S. Balasubramaniam, S. Beceiro Novo, B. Coughlin, D. DeWitt, M. Donahue, F. Downes, J. Kirkpatrick, S. Levental, D. Liu, K. Olson, F. Peterson, F. Telewski, M. TerAvest, and K. Yu

Approval of Minutes. The minutes from the November 9, 2017 meeting was approved as written.


University Committee on Faculty Affairs Report

No report.


NatSci Student Advisory Council Report

No Report.


University Council/Faculty Senate Committee Report

No report.


Update from Chairs & Directors Meeting

D. Dewitt provided an update from the December Chairs and Directors Meeting.


Old Business


Dean Search Update

The appointment of Interim Dean Cheryl Sisk was announced by the provost’s office on December 14, 2017. She begins January 1, 2018. The search committee held Skype interviews with candidates the week of December 12, 2017. On-campus interviews with five or six candidates are expected to take place in January and February, 2018. The pool is still open.


Alternative SIRS

Discussion took place regarding comments on the Draft of the Proposed Student Assessment Questions, which were distributed to FAC members on November 20, 2017. The SIRS Subcommittee will convene another meeting to look at substantial changes. All FAC members will be invited to attend. The document will be revised and redistributed to FAC members for a vote at the February 8, 2018 meeting.


New Business


Assign Sections for Chemistry Bylaw Review

The following people (same as those for the NEU review) agreed to review the CEM Bylaws and report back at the January FAC meeting. F. Peterson will send the marked up bylaws and instructions.


Composition of Faculty and Voting/Other: S. Balasubramaniam and F. Downes

Chairperson/Director Appointment/Review/Duties/RPT: M. Donahue and S. Levental

Unit Committees and Councils/Grievance Procedures/Bylaw Review: D. Long and M. TerAvest


NatSci Bylaws Revision

This item was tabled until the January meeting due to lack of time.


Neuroscience Bylaw Review

Council members completed the review of the Neuroscience Program Bylaws. F. Peterson will compile comments and forward them to NEU.


Next Meeting: January 11, 2018