FAC Minutes 2-10-16

College of Natural Science
Faculty Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes
February 10, 2016

Present: S. Beceiro Novo, D. Bello, A. Cognato, D. DeWitt, F. Downes, G. Garrity, J. Kirkpatrick, K. Olson, K. Osteryoung, F. Peterson, C. Piermarocchi, C. Sisk, and M. Stuart

Approval of Minutes. The minutes from the January 14, 2016 meeting were approved as written.

Old Business


New Business

NatSci Faculty University Award Recipients

D. Bello reported that of the 10 nominations for university awards submitted from NatSci, 3 candidates were chosen as award recipients. There are actually 4 NatSci recipients, but 1 was nominated by Engineering.

APR Review—PRIME and BioSci

Discussion of the APR documents took place using the questions put forth by the dean as a guide. Dean Kirkpatrick will send committee comments to the PRIME and BioSci directors asking for edits before the document is sent to the provost’s office. The greatest value is internal to the department or program.

Next Meeting: March 21, 2016