FAC Minutes 3-21-16

College of Natural Science
Faculty Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes
March 21, 2016

Present: D. Bello, A. Cognato, F. Downes, G. Garrity, M. Gottfried, J. Kirkpatrick, K. Osteryoung, A. Pawlak, F. Peterson, T. Zacharewski

Approval of Minutes. The minutes from the February 10, 2016 meeting were approved as written.

Old Business


New Business

Mentoring Award to Retirees?

Discussion took place regarding whether or not a retired person could be nominated and chosen for the postdoctoral and junior faculty mentoring awards. It was the consensus of committee members that it would not be wise to cut down on a small pool and that the committee will sort out the details. A motion to allow retired faculty to be nominated for mentoring awards passed unanimously.

APR Review—GLG

Discussion of the APR document took place using the questions put forth by the dean as a guide. F. Peterson will send committee comments to the M. Gottfried. The greatest value is internal to the department or program.

Agenda Items

Members were reminded that they should contact D. Bello or F. Peterson if they have agenda items.

Next Meeting: April 14, 2016