FAC MInutes 5-12-16

College of Natural Science
Faculty Advisory Council

Meeting Minutes
May 12, 2016

Present: D. Bello, A. Cognato, G. Garrity, M. Gottfried, J. Kirkpatrick, S. Levental, E. Litchman, B. Montgomery, K. Osteryoung, A. Pawlak, F. Peterson, C. Piermarocchi, C. Sisk, D. Spence, T. Zacharewski

Approval of Minutes. The minutes from the March 21, 2016 meeting were approved as written. The April meeting was canceled.

NatSci Student Advisory Council Report

There was no pertinent information from the last meeting to report.

University Council/Faculty Senate Committee Report

No report.

Old Business


New Business

Recognition and Thanks to Committee Members Cycling Off and Those Who Have Served as Officers

Dean Kirkpatrick expressed thanks to the following members cycling off the council: B. Montgomery, A. Pawlak, D. Spence, M. Stuart, T. Zacharewski, and V. Zeidan. He also thanked the FAC officers and those who served as liaisons and representatives to other committees.

Report of Standing Committees

FAC members had a chance to review reports from standing committees before the meeting. There were no questions about the report at the meeting. D. Bello noted that if members have questions after having a chance to review the report more thoroughly, they can be addressed in the fall.

Discussion and Selection of NatSci Award Recipients and University Award Nominees

Committee members determined recipients of NatSci Awards and which nomination packets should be put forth for university award consideration

Committee members were asked to discuss the establishment of an undergraduate learning assistant (ULA) award. The item will be added to the agenda of a fall 2016 meeting.

Next Meeting: Fall 2016