George Leroi Conferences

Defining the Frontiers of Science and Mathematics.

The George Leroi Conferences provide a venue for leading researchers in the physical, biological and mathematical sciences at Michigan State University and from around the world to define the most critical scientific problems, to develop avenues to address these problems, to highlight the scientific leadership of Michigan State University, and to help focus investment by the university towards solutions to these critical needs. The conferences are named in honor of George E. Leroi, dean of the College of Natural Science at Michigan State University from 1996 to 2006. Funding for these conferences comes through the generous support of alumni and friends who have contributed to the George E. Leroi Strategic Visioning Fund and the College of Natural Science Strategic Visioning Fund.

Departments, programs and faculty members in the College of Natural Science may apply for support at any time during the year using the form attached (submit electronically to  The conferences must take place at the university or in the Lansing area and must result in a deliverable product such as an edited book or journal issue. A report or white paper outlining the critical issues in an emerging area of research to be used as the basis for a new strategic initiative is also acceptable.  A simple compilation of the abstracts of the meeting does not meet this requirement. The conference must include faculty, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from Michigan State University and leading researchers from outside the university.  It is expected that partial support for conferences will be provided by matching funds from the participating associated colleges, departments and programs on campus. Applicants are encouraged to seek extramural support as well.

The NatSci Faculty Advisory Council will review the proposals based on the following criteria.

Scientific merit: Is the topic of critical current and future interest?

Scientific impact: Will the results of the conference have substantial impact on the direction of research in the subject of the conference?

Stature of expected invitees from off-campus: These must be leading individuals who are critical to the success of the conference.

Significance and impact of the product of the conference: Will the content be significant and will the form of release provide wide distribution and broad impact.

Impact on Michigan State University students: Will students and post-docs have an opportunity to participate and will their participation help advance their research careers.

Impact on Michigan State University: Will the conference lead to improving how the scientific community sees Michigan State University and will it help define directions for university programmatic investments?