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1. Stayin’ alive: MSU research aims to help biofuel switchgrass survive northern winters

Michigan State University (MSU) plant biologist C. Robin Buell has been awarded $1 million from a joint U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) program.

Tags: Award, Bioenergy, DOE, GLBRC
2. Mycologists converge at MSU to shed light on latest fungi research

When more than 250 mycologists—representing 35 states and 13 countries—met for an annual meeting June 8 to 11 on the MSU campus, the primary topic was, of course, fungi.

Tags: Research, DOE, Students
3. MSU advances algae’s viability as a biofuel

Lab success doesn't always translate to real-world success. A team of Michigan State University scientists, however, has invented a new technology that increases the odds of helping algae-based biofuels cross that gap and come closer to reality.

Tags: DOE, Energy
4. More to biofuel production than yield

When it comes to biofuels, corn leads the all-important category of biomass yield. However, focusing solely on yield comes at a high price.

Tags: DOE, GLBRC, Environment, NSF, Research
5. New microscope captures movements of atoms and molecules

A new microscope invented at Michigan State University (MSU) allows scientists to zoom in on the movements of atoms and molecules.

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6. DOE renews funding for biofuels research partnership

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded the University of Wisconsin and Michigan State University (MSU) $125 million to continue their work on advanced biofuels.

Tags: DOE, GLBRC, Research
7. MSU physicist says Higgs hunt may be over

In an announcement today, scientists said they are now more confident that the particle discovered last year in experiments done at Europe’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is indeed the Higgs boson.

Tags: DOE
8. Higgs boson, "Evolution in Action" make Science News magazine's Top 25 for 2012

Two of the top 25 research stories that appeared in Science News magazine in 2012 featured the work of Michigan State University (MSU) College of Natural Science (NatSci) researchers.

Tags: research, Students, BEACON, NSF, DOE
9. Marginal lands are prime fuel source for alternative energy

Marginal lands ­– those unsuited for food crops – can serve as prime real estate for meeting the nation’s alternative energy production goals.

Tags: Bioenergy, DOE, Environment, NSF, Plant science
10. Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center supports new science education framework
Tags: GLBRC, Teaching, Outreach, DOE

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