NatSci Profiles

The challenges facing society in the 21st century are complex.

In true Spartan fashion, the extraordinary individuals and groups that comprise the MSU College of Natural Science (NatSci) family – faculty members, staff members, students and alumni – are hard at work every day, making a difference in their classrooms, labs, businesses, communities and the world around them. In an effort to tell their stories, we've created this collection of profiles to feature people in our NatSci family and how they are contributing to the common good in ways both big and small. SPARTANS WILL.

Peggy Adams: Beloved professor leaves a legacy of learning

If you were enrolled in a physiology course at Michigan State University between 1967 and 2011, chances are you knew Professor Thomas Adams. Adams, who retired in January 2011 at the age of 80, was popular not only as a great professor, but a highly regarded advisor and mentor. After his death in August 2011, his wife, Peggy, decided to establish a scholarship in his memory. The Thomas Adams Memorial Scholarship honors his love of learning and his dedication to helping students achieve success.

Anna Baghdadi: Expanding her horizons through research

Being a College of Natural Science Dean’s Research Scholar has broadened Anna’s view of Michigan State and the remarkable research being undertaken on campus. Now a senior, she has been impressed with all of the resources available and the opportunities that undergraduates have to join research labs at MSU. Combining her research experiences in neuroscience, pharmacology and bioengineering has imparted her with important skills that she will be carrying into her future adventures and success as a scientist.

Andrew Baker: Finding the secret to a successful life

Andrew Baker is an outstanding student, a dynamic researcher and a humanitarian. This well-rounded biochemistry and molecular biology senior has worked in the lab of Robert Root-Bernstein, professor of physiology, for three years. He is also a leader in MSU’s Multi-Racial Unity Living Experience & Intercultural Aide Program.

Scott and Patty Belden: "This is what you do, if you can"

Growing up just northeast of Buffalo in Amherst, N.Y., Scott Belden (B.S., natural science/mathematics, ’78) watched his parents and grandparents frequently donate to Cornell University and be active members of the Cornell Alumni Association. So when he graduated from Michigan State, he and his wife, Patty, followed suit and became MSU donors just a few years after he graduated.

Carl Bruch: How it all fits

When he was an Honors College student in the late 1980s, physics major Carl Bruch had the opportunity to explore the many different courses and career paths that MSU had to offer. It was this varied and cross-discipline experience that launched him on a successful and rewarding career that has encompassed physics, environmental law and environmental peacebuilding. “It all fits together—often in surprising ways,” Bruch said.

E. Dean Butler: An alumnus with a clear vision

E. Dean Butler is a true visionary—literally. But this extremely successful entrepreneur and founder of LensCrafters—the “eyeglasses in about an hour” company— said that he came by his first job out of college somewhat by accident.

Marc Conlin: A dedicated Spartan gives back

MSU Department of Physics and Astronomy staffer Marc Conlin has invested some 50 years in Michigan State. His Spartan legacy goes beyond eager learning, devoted professional acumen and trusted leadership to significant financial support.

Sally and Thomas Crawford: Keeping connected

Sally Crawford (chemistry, ’70), and her husband, Thomas, like to stay connected—with their family, their community and their alma maters. Having received excellent educations and benefited from great experiences in college, the successful couple feels fortunate to be able to assist other students—in at least some small way—in having such wonderful opportunities as well.

Marilyn and Bo Dimitroff: A great love for MSU

Marilyn Capelli Dimitroff (B.A., mathematics, ’66) and her husband Bo (B.A., history, ’66) share a great love for MSU and the educational approach the university takes, so giving back was natural. The Dimitroffs have created a named Spartan Scholarship Challenge endowment in the College of Natural Science, and also support the Honors College, the Mathematics Department and the Spartan Fund.

Bradley Disbrow: Unfamiliar Ground

Taking a seat at the first meeting of his first class at MSU felt like stepping into a foreign land. Perhaps that’s because that first meeting was held in a classroom in the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy, in a building likely older than Michigan State itself.