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Anna Baghdadi: Expanding her horizons through research

anna baghdadi

Anna Baghdadi is a senior majoring in chemistry from Mount Pleasant, Mich., and a College of Natural Science Dean’s Research Scholar .

Being a Dean’s Research Scholar has broadened my view of Michigan State and the research that is being done on campus at this very moment. I have met some amazing students from all disciplines in the College of Natural Science (NatSci). Listening to these people talk about their research is more than informative—it’s simply mesmerizing to see how dedicated these people are to science. Not only it is amazing to meet them, it is inspiring to get to know them personally.

One of the benefits of being a NatSci Dean’s Research Scholar is that we meet NatSci and MSU alumni who have made lasting impacts somewhere in this world. We also get to meet the college’s senior leadership and other NatSci faculty and staff who dedicate their days to improving the quality of our education. It inspires me—and surely other scholars and students—to become someone who makes this world a better place.

Looking back at the experience of becoming a Dean’s Research Scholar, I became even more motivated to conduct research. It’s a perk of being in NatSci that we get to do fascinating research! There are so many resources available and opportunities as undergraduates to join research labs on campus. We can join research labs and become directly involved in real science, which adds to our experience at MSU. The experiments that we do and learn about in our regular classes have been done for the past few decades and they don’t really add new knowledge—they educate us about the techniques we need to know. So conducting real research is a must for any student in NatSci.

I have been fortunate enough to learn from my experience at MSU by doing research, getting involved in the community and being in the classrooms. All these experiences add up to a valuable lesson—we need to move the science forward by working together, teaching the next generation, and generating and supporting new ideas.

I have been fortunate to conduct research at leading research institutions, and it has been a journey worth noting as a college student. Being able to combine my research experiences in neuroscience, pharmacology and bioengineering has imparted me with skills that I will be carrying into my future adventures and success as a scientist.