NatSci Profiles

The challenges facing society in the 21st century are complex.

In true Spartan fashion, the extraordinary individuals and groups that comprise the MSU College of Natural Science (NatSci) family – faculty members, staff members, students and alumni – are hard at work every day, making a difference in their classrooms, labs, businesses, communities and the world around them. In an effort to tell their stories, we've created this collection of profiles to feature people in our NatSci family and how they are contributing to the common good in ways both big and small. SPARTANS WILL.

Katherine J. Wozniak:  Step outside your zone

Throughout her time as an MSU undergrad researcher, Katie has had many opportunities to present her work in diverse settings to a range of audiences. Although presenting new data is always difficult, she has learned that stepping beyond your comfort zone is necessary for scientific and personal development. 

Warren and Anneliese Wood: Making education value-added

MSU visiting professor Warren Wood and his wife, Anneliese, believe that paid internships are an excellent way for students to integrate what they learn, so they’ve crafted a giving philosophy that aims to help MSU students get a better integrated education.

William Yakah: Connecting the dots

When Willam Yakah was in high school, he always imagined being at a place where his curiosity knew no boundaries—a big university where he could major in anything, literally, and could switch between different majors without any limitation. He also imagined a place that had an engaging community and opportunities for learning experiences outside the classroom. Coming to MSU was that dream come true.

Jessica Yen: Falling in love with research

As a young girl growing up in East Lansing and having two MSU alums as parents, Jessica couldn’t imagine going anywhere but MSU for college. Although she was initially tempted to attend “that school down the road” as she explored colleges, a role model of hers who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and an experience at MSU’s Neuroscience Fair led her to choose Michigan State to seek answers through research.

Phil Zecher: Giving the university the flexibility to stay current

Phil Zecher (Ph.D., nuclear physics, ’96) and his wife, Clare, a former hedge fund CFO, have been donating to MSU since 2005. They are President’s Club members and he is also a College of Natural Science Capital Campaign volunteer. “I don’t think I would have done the things I’ve done without my MSU education,” Phil said. “Contributions give the university the flexibility to stay current and do new things.”