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1. Finding new solar power

MSU chemist Thomas Hamann will use a $465,000 grant from the U.S. DOE to create a new paradigm for capturing solar energy.

Tags: DOE, Research, Chemistry, Energy
2. Construction begins on MSU solar array project

Construction on a new solar array project – a venture that could save the university $10 million over 25 years and help keep tuition in check – has started at Michigan State University.

Tags: Energy, Environment
3. MSU 'rethinks hydropower' with $2.6 million National Science Foundation grant

An interdisciplinary team of MSU scientists, including hydrogeologist David Hyndman, will use a $2.6 million NSF grant to investigate new ways to produce hydropower, increase food production and lessen the environmental damage caused by dams.

Tags: Environment, Energy, NSF, Faculty, Research
4. Patented bioelectrodes have electrifying taste for waste

New research at Michigan State University and published in the current issue of Nature Communications shows how Geobacter bacteria grow as films on electrodes and generate electricity – a process that’s ready to be scaled up to industrial levels.

Tags: Biotechnology, Energy, Research
5. MSU chemistry professor honored as fellow of Kavli Foundation

Thomas W. Hamann, the James Dye Chair in Materials Chemistry at Michigan State University, has been named a 2015 Kavli Fellow. 

Tags: Award, Faculty, Research, Energy
6. Orange is the new red

Overexposure to sunlight is damaging to natural photosynthetic systems of green plants and cyanobacteria. Nature has solved the problem through a photoprotection mechanism called “nonphotochemical-quenching.” A team led by MSU's Cheryl Kerfeld has discovered a surprising key event in this energy-quenching process.


Tags: Energy, Plant science, Research
7. Making a better semiconductor

Research led by Michigan State University could someday lead to the development of new and improved semiconductors.

Tags: Energy, Faculty, DOE, Research

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