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1. Shocking discovery explains powerful novae

Employing two powerful telescopes, astronomers at MSU have proven a theory that explains super-luminous novae and other astronomical explosions.

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2. Shannon Schmoll: The Great American Eclipse

Next week, most of North America will have the opportunity to see an incredible solar eclipse that will perfectly align the Earth, moon and sun.Be prepared to watch safely.

Tags: Event, Astrophysics
3. MSU part of international physics experiment

A simultaneous groundbreaking ceremony for the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility took place at Sanford Lab in South Dakota and at Fermilab in Illinois on July 21. The groundbreaking represents the beginning of a new era of physics in the United States – and scientists from MSU will be a part of it.

Tags: Astrophysics, Research, DOE
4. Recreating interstellar ions with lasers

Using lasers, MSU scientist Marcos Dantus and his team have unlocked the secret of H3+—the molecule of the universe—by successfully duplicating the mechanisms that form it from organic molecules.

Tags: Astrophysics, Research, Evolution, DOE, NSF
5. Muon magnet's moment has arrived

A global team of more than 150 scientists and engineers, including a team from MSU, is hoping for new insights into the elementary particles that make up everything as they participate in the Muon g-2 experiment.

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6. NASA christens probe in honor of MSU alumnus

NASA renamed the Solar Probe Plus spacecraft – which will make humanity’s first mission to a star and will launch in 2018 – as the Parker Solar Probe in honor of astrophysicist Eugene Parker, an MSU College of Natural Science alumnus.

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7. MSU's nuclear physics graduate program retains No. 1 national ranking in latest report

MSU’s nuclear physics graduate program, housed in College of Natural Science’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, is among seven MSU graduate programs that rank No. 1 nationally in the latest U.S. News & World Report ratings.

Tags: Astrophysics, Research, Students, Award
8. Star discovered in closest known orbit around black hole

MSU astronomers were part of the team that recently found evidence for a star that whips around a black hole about twice an hour. This may be the tightest orbital dance ever witnessed for a black hole and a companion star.

Tags: Astrophysics, Research
9. NatSci's Laura Chomiuk named a Cottrell Scholar

Laura Chomiuk, MSU assistant professor of physics in the College of Natural Science, has been named a Research Corporation for Science Advancement 2017 Cottrell Scholar.

Tags: Award, Faculty, Astrophysics, Research
10. Examining exploding stars through the atomic nucleus

Christopher Wrede, MSU assistant professor of physics, gave a AAAS presentation on how rare isotopes are produced and studied at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory on campus, and how they shed light on the evolution of visible matter in the universe.

Tags: Research, Astrophysics, Evolution

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