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1. Zinc transporter key to fighting pancreatic cancer and more

A team of MSU scientists led by biochemist Jian Hu have revealed a key structure of a molecular machine, a ZIP zinc transporter, giving pharmaceutical companies targets to test new drugs.

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2. Reducing infant mortality in Nigeria

A doctor in Nigeria and MSU NatSci researcher Shannon Manning have teamed up to reduce infant mortality in the African nation.

Tags: Human disease, Research, Faculty
3. CSI Malawi: Using forensic science to "interrogate" mosquitoes

Move over CSI Miami. There’s a new show in town—CSI Malawi. MSU, in collaboration with the University of Malawi College of Medicine, is the recipient of an $8 million NIH grant to develop a tool to "interrogate" mosquitoes.

Tags: Grant, NIH, Research, Human disease
4. Bacterial organizational complexities revealed

For the first time, scientists have visualized the fine details of bacterial microcompartment shells, opening the door to identifying vulnerable targets to combat pathogenic bacteria and bioengineering new kinds of designer nanoreactors in beneficial bacteria to enhance their performance.

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5. Omega-3 fatty acid stops lupus trigger, but how?

Michigan State University scientists have received a $2.3 million, five-year National Institutes of Health grant to help uncover why an omega-3 fatty acid, known as DHA, is so effective in stopping a known trigger of lupus.

Tags: Research, Human disease, NIH
6. New online database 'energizes' diagnosis, predictive accuracy of mitochondrial disorders

In recent years, one area of medical research receiving increased attention is mitochondrial disease—a group of disorders caused by dysfunctional mitochondria. Thanks to MSU biochemist Laurie Kaguni and her team, a new tool has been developed to help better diagnose these disorders and more accurately predict their outcomes.

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7. MSU researcher receives Human Frontier Science Program grant for international collaboration

Michigan State University Assistant Professor Alex Dickson, along with collaborators in Australia and Germany, has received a three-year, $1.2 million Human Frontier Science Program grant.

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8. Recent improvements in computational methods could lead to a much healthier future

Advances in computational methods could lead to a better understanding of human health and the disease process, or the development of new cures for diseases. Four MSU Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology scientists are hard at work, pushing the boundaries of these methods to enrich their research.

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9. Scientist pioneers technology new to MSU, maps giant virus

In a laboratory at MSU, BMB researcher Kristin Parent and her team took a DIY approach to build a retrofitted cryo-electron microscope that allowed them to map a giant Samba virus – one of the world’s largest viruses.

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10. Altering ph bumps prions out of danger zone

New research led by MSU's Lisa Lapidus offers hope by showing how we might prevent prions—infectious agent proteins—from aggregating or growing into deadly diseases. The results show that an antihistamine, astemizole, proved effective in reducing prion aggregation.

Tags: Human disease, Research, Faculty, NIH

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 46