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1. Still changing after all these years

If Paul Simon were to write a song about the bacteria in Richard Lenski’s long-term evolution experiment, or LTEE, it could be titled, “Still Changing After All These Years.”

Tags: BEACON, Evolution, Research, NSF
2. MSU researchers honored for outstanding Genetics article

A team of Michigan State University researchers has been honored for having one of the top three articles published in the journal Genetics in 2015.

Tags: Award, BEACON, Research, Students, Faculty, Evolution
3. New finding shows that males can drive creation of new species

Researchers at Michigan State University, with the help of some stickleback fish, have shown that intense competition among males most definitely has a big say in creating new species.

Tags: BEACON, Evolution, Research, Animal biology
4. Forgotten sex signals

Sending signals to the opposite sex isn't always a trait that's passed on to animals' offspring according to new research conducted at Michigan State University.

Tags: Animal biology, BEACON, Evolution, Faculty, NSF, Research
5. Tortoise approach works best – even for evolution

When it comes to winning evolutionary fitness races, the tortoise once again prevails over the hare. 

Tags: BEACON, Evolution, NSF, Research
6. Social status has impact on overall health of mammals

In a first-of-its-kind study involving a wild species, Michigan State University researchers have shown that social and ecological factors affect animal health.

Tags: Animal biology, NIH, NSF, Research, BEACON, Students
7. Stay complex, my friends

The KISS concept ­– keep it simple, stupid – may work for many situations. However, when it comes to evolution, complexity appears to be key for prosperity and propagating future generations.

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