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1. Too much sun is not a good thing--for people or for plants

Rob Last, MSU Barnett Rosenberg Professor, and postdoctoral researcher Jun Liu, are working to better understand the regulation of photosynthesis when plants experience rapid and extreme changes in sunlight. The results of their research were recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


Tags: Research, Plant science, Sustainability
2. $10M DOE grant to help boost camelina oilseed yield

MSU scientists will lead a $10 million U.S. Department of Energy grant to explore ways to boost the biofuel crop yield for the oilseed plant, camelina.

Tags: DOE, Faculty, Research, Plant science, Bioenergy
3. Tomatoes' crystal ball reveals evolutionary secrets

Robert Last and a team of MSU scientists studying tomato trichomes have opened an evolutionary window for the emerging field of plant defense metabolism that could lead to engineering advances for better pest resistance and human medicine.

Tags: Research, Sustainability, Plant science
4. Protecting plants from the power of sunlight

A research team in MSU Hannah Distinguished Professor David Kramer's lab has developed a new method that measures non-photochemical quenching, or NPQ, a strategy plants use to adjust to changing surroundings.

Tags: Research, Plant science, Sustainability
5. New techniques pinpoint evolution in fungi

Michigan State University and Yale University scientists have illuminated a successful new strategy for pinpointing fungi genes responsible for the evolution of certain biological processes. The results appear in the current issue of PLoS Genetics.

Tags: Evolution, Research, Plant science, NSF
6. Thomas Sharkey joins the MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory

Thomas D. Sharkey, Michigan State University Distinguished Professor and former chair of the MSU Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, has become a faculty member of the MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory.

Tags: Faculty, Research, Climate change, Plant science
7. Cellulosic biofuels can benefit the environment if managed correctly

Could cellulosic biofuels become a green fuel of the future? Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy-funded Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, including MSU's Phil Robertson, say yes, but with a few important caveats.

Tags: Bioenergy, DOE, GLBRC, Plant science, Research, Sustainability
8. MSU's Robert Last elected president-elect of the American Society of Plant Biologists

Robert Last, an MSU Barnett Rosenberg Professor, has been elected as president-elect of the American Society of Plant Biologists.

Tags: Award, Faculty, Plant science, Research
9. Decomposing leaves are a surprising source of greenhouse gases

Michigan State University scientists have pinpointed a new source of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas that’s more potent than carbon dioxide. The culprit? Tiny bits of decomposing leaves in soil.


Tags: Climate change, Research, Plant science, Sustainability
10. 2017 Anton Lang Memorial Award winners announced

Clement Aussignargues and Joshua MacCready were awarded 2017 Anton Lang Memorial Awards during a ceremony held on May 8 at MSU’s Molecular Plant Sciences Building.

Tags: Award, Students, Plant science

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