Five NatSci students receive full-ride scholarships to MSU

Published September 11, 2017

Five incoming College of Natural Science (NatSci) students are among 20 graduating high school seniors who received full-ride scholarships to Michigan State University this fall – Noah Ankney, Maura Glynn, Lindsay Guare, Rylie Hendren and Jonathan Sheehan.

All of the students are also members of MSU’s Honors College.

Noah Ankney and Lindsay Guare were chosen as Alumni Distinguished Scholars from more than 1,200 of the top high school seniors who applied to MSU by a committee of faculty and administrators.

Noah Ankney

Ankney, a Bath, Mich., high school graduate, is an advanced mathematics and computer science major.

“This award means much more to me than its monetary value; it is the opportunity to learn, to lead and to thrive," Ankney said.

Lindsay Guare

“Michigan State, to me, is a place without limits thanks to this scholarship,” said Guare, a Deerfield, Ill., high school graduate majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology. “I worked really hard in high school, taking eight AP classes throughout the four years, and now it's paying off in countless ways that all start with this honor. I am so grateful for this opportunity and feel that it will allow me to reach my highest potential. Go Green!”

Glynn, Hendren and Sheehan were each awarded a University Distinguished Scholarship, an honor based on academic records and accomplishments as well as test scores and a final interview.

Maura Glynn

Glynn, from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is heading to MSU’s Neuroscience Program.

“I'm very excited that I have received this scholarship,” Glynn said. “As a student at Michigan State Uuniversity, I will not have to worry about finances, especially as an out-of-state student. This will allow me to focus on other opportunities such as research, clubs and internships.”

Rylie Hendren

“The University Distinguished Scholarship serves as recognition for the effort I have put into expanding my education and extending myself as a valuable community member,” said Hendren, an advanced mathematics major form Muskego, Wisc. “The financial security offered by a full ride to MSU allows me to prioritize a rigorous academic career and fully participate in student life. I hope to use the university Distinguished Scholarship advantage to serve my community and become successful in whatever I do.”

Jonathan Sheehan

Sheehan, a graduate from Quincy, Mass., who is majoring in astrophysics, said, “This scholarship is one of the best things that could have happened to me academically. The research opportunities that I will have, along with the support of my professors, will allow me to achieve whatever I put my mind to, and will truly let me be the Spartan I was always meant to be.”

The students’ scholarships cover full tuition, room and board and a stipend for up to eight semesters of study at MSU, an award valued at around $120,000 for in-state students and approximately $200,000 for out-of-state students.