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1. Gars and Stripes: Research 'flags' evolutionary ancestry of pigment patterns in zebrafish, spotted gar

MSU's Ingo Braasch was co-author on new research published in the Journal of Experimental Zoology and in Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology that reveals the evolutionary link between fish and other vertebrate animals.

Tags: Evolution, Research, Animal biology
2. Looking beyond the breeding grounds

New research at MSU makes a strong case that the reasons for the decline of the eastern North American population of monarch butterflies go far beyond what’s happening on their wintering grounds near Mexico City.

Tags: Research, Environment, Climate change, Animal biology
3. $1.5M NSF grant to explore secrets of electric fish genome

Electric fish have been a model biology system since the 18th century. Their potential, though, has been mostly isolated to neurological studies. MSU researcher Jason Gallant has landed a $1.5 million NSF grant to develop a new type of model for biology could help scientists decode the function of genomes in their research.

Tags: Research, NSF, Animal biology
4. Model explains barred owls' domination over northern spotted owls

Barred owls are moving into the Pacific Northwest and on northern spotted owl territories. A model developed at MSU shows how it’s happening and gives wildlife conservationists a valuable tool to help shape management policies.

Tags: Animal biology, Environment, Research
5. Study of lion-hyena "food fights" sheds light on hyena fitness, social evolution

A new MSU study focusing on mobbing behavior in lion-hyena interactions by researchers in University Distinguished Professor Kay Holekamp's lab shows that, when it comes to battling for food, mobbing can be beneficial.

Tags: Research, Evolution, NIH, NSF, Animal biology
6. Researchers, farmers collaborate to prevent E. coli

A collaborative Michigan State University study researchers and farmers could lead to better prevention practices to limit dangerous E. coli bacteria transmissions.

Tags: Animal biology, Research
7. The Texas butterfly effect

How can scientists better understand summer monarch butterfly populations in the Midwest? Check spring weather in Texas.

Tags: Animal biology, Research
8. NSF grant will help decipher cells' electric properties

Michigan State University integrative biologist Jason Gallant will use a National Science Foundation grant to decipher the secrets of electric organs in fish and apply the insights to human electrically excitable tissue.

Tags: Grant, NSF, Research, Animal biology
9. Antibiotic resistance genes increasing

Globally, antibiotic use and resistance is increasing, while the discovery of new antibiotics has nearly halted. In new MSU research, results show that this troubling trend is exacerbated by concentrated animal feeding operations where antibiotics are used continuously in feed.

Tags: Animal biology, Research
10. New finding shows that males can drive creation of new species

Researchers at Michigan State University, with the help of some stickleback fish, have shown that intense competition among males most definitely has a big say in creating new species.

Tags: BEACON, Evolution, Research, Animal biology

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