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1. Puzzling pockets of rock deep in Earth's mantle

MSU and Arizona State University geoscientists have used computer modeling to find an explanation for how pockets of mushy rock have accumulated at the boundary between Earth's core and mantle.

Tags: Research, Environment, Geoscience, Ultra-low velocity zones
2. $2 million NSF grant awarded to predict future viability of phytoplankton

MSU aquatic ecologist Elena Litchman is the lead investigator of a four-year, $2 million National Science Foundation Dimensions of Biodiversity grant to study how genetic and functional diversity in phytoplankton helps them adapt to rising ocean temperatures.

Tags: Environment, Grant, NSF, Water, Climate change, Research
3. MSU a key partner in Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research

Michigan State University is poised to play a big role in the newly formed Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research (CIGLR).

Tags: Environment, Water, Sustainability, Research
4. Looking beyond the breeding grounds

New research at MSU makes a strong case that the reasons for the decline of the eastern North American population of monarch butterflies go far beyond what’s happening on their wintering grounds near Mexico City.

Tags: Research, Environment, Climate change, Animal biology
5. More genes turned on when plants compete

MSU plant biologist Maren Friesen is taking the lessons of plant diversity and competition learned from a clover patch in California to see it they can potentially unlock secrets on plant interactions around the globe.

Tags: Environment, Research, Plant science
6. Seabird bones, fossils reveal broad food-web shift in North Pacific

Scientists at MSU and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History have discovered that the now endangered Hawaiian petrel has experienced a significant shift in food resources most likely during the past 100 years – a disruption that may be due to industrial fishing practices.

Tags: Environment, Research, NSF, Sustainability
7. Elena Litchman wins prestigious Excellence Professorship award

Elena Litchman, MSU Foundation Professor of integrative biology, is the recipient of an Excellence Professorship award from the Professor Dr. Werner – Petersen Foundation based in Kiel, Germany.

Tags: Award, Environment, Research, Ecology, Water
8. Construction begins on MSU solar array project

Construction on a new solar array project – a venture that could save the university $10 million over 25 years and help keep tuition in check – has started at Michigan State University.

Tags: Energy, Environment
9. MSU 'rethinks hydropower' with $2.6 million National Science Foundation grant

An interdisciplinary team of MSU scientists, including hydrogeologist David Hyndman, will use a $2.6 million NSF grant to investigate new ways to produce hydropower, increase food production and lessen the environmental damage caused by dams.

Tags: Environment, Energy, NSF, Faculty, Research
10. Water, water everywhere

This past fall, Jay Zarnetske, NatSci environmental hydrologist, had the opportunity to perform novel exploratory reseach on the influence of hydrology on ecosystems and biogeochemical cycles on the North Slope of Alaska.

Tags: NSF, Research, Environment, Water

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