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1. New techniques pinpoint evolution in fungi

Michigan State University and Yale University scientists have illuminated a successful new strategy for pinpointing fungi genes responsible for the evolution of certain biological processes. The results appear in the current issue of PLoS Genetics.

Tags: Evolution, Research, Plant science, NSF
2. Recreating interstellar ions with lasers

Using lasers, MSU scientist Marcos Dantus and his team have unlocked the secret of H3+—the molecule of the universe—by successfully duplicating the mechanisms that form it from organic molecules.

Tags: Astrophysics, Research, Evolution, DOE, NSF
3. Gars and Stripes: Research 'flags' evolutionary ancestry of pigment patterns in zebrafish, spotted gar

MSU's Ingo Braasch was co-author on new research published in the Journal of Experimental Zoology and in Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology that reveals the evolutionary link between fish and other vertebrate animals.

Tags: Evolution, Research, Animal biology
4. MSU's Rich Lenski elected associate member of the European Molecular Biology Organization

Richard Lenski, Michigan State University John Hannah Distinguished Professor and evolutionary biologist renowned for his E. coli Long-Term Experimental Evolution Project, has been elected an associate member of the European Molecular Biology Organization.

Tags: Award, Faculty, Research, Evolution
5. Jenny Boughman elected to Society for the Study of Evolution executive board

MSU integrative biologist Jenny Boughman has been elected vice president of the Society for the Study of Evolution.

Tags: Award, Faculty, Evolution, Research, Teaching
6. MSU lands NIH grant to study connection between fish genes and human medicine

MSU has landed a $727,000 grant from the NIH to improve the use of fish as disease models for human medicine. Ingo Braasch, integrative biologist in the College of Natural Science, is leading the MSU effort on this collaborative grant, which focuses on the spotted gar.

Tags: NIH, Evolution, Research, Faculty
7. Examining exploding stars through the atomic nucleus

Christopher Wrede, MSU assistant professor of physics, gave a AAAS presentation on how rare isotopes are produced and studied at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory on campus, and how they shed light on the evolution of visible matter in the universe.

Tags: Research, Astrophysics, Evolution
8. MSU's Richard Lenski wins 2017 Friend of Darwin award

Richard E. Lenski, the MSU John Hannah Distinguished Professor and evolutionary biologist renowned for his E. coli Long-Term Experimental Evolution Project, has received a 2017 Friend of Darwin award from the National Center for Science Education.

Tags: Award, Faculty, Evolution, Research
9. MSU-led research project receives $1.84 million NSF Dimensions in Biodiversity grant

MSU integrative biologist Janette Boughman is the lead principal investigator of a five-year, $1.84 million National Science Foundation Dimensions of Biodiversity collaborative grant to pursue novel research studying the evolution of threespine stickleback throughout Iceland.

Tags: NSF, Research, Evolution
10. Study of lion-hyena "food fights" sheds light on hyena fitness, social evolution

A new MSU study focusing on mobbing behavior in lion-hyena interactions by researchers in University Distinguished Professor Kay Holekamp's lab shows that, when it comes to battling for food, mobbing can be beneficial.

Tags: Research, Evolution, NIH, NSF, Animal biology

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