NatSci faculty and staff members honored at annual awards ceremony

  • Nov 18, 2016
  • Faculty & Staff, Research, Biochemistry, Chemistry, CMSE, EES, Integrative Biology, Kellogg Biological Station, Mathematics, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Physics & Astronomy, Physiology, Plant Biology, Statistics & Probability

NatSci Dean R. James Kirkpatrick

NatSci Dean R. James Kirkpatrick delivers his 2016 State of the College Address to NatSci faculty and staff prior to the NatSci Annual Awards Ceremony.

The College of Natural Science (NatSci) had plenty of reasons to celebrate at its most recent NatSci awards presentation held Nov. 11 at MSU’s Molecular Plant Sciences Building.

Twenty-five NatSci faculty and staff members were recognized for their achievements and contributions during 2016 at the awards ceremony, which is held in conjunction with NatSci’s annual State of the College Address.

The year’s 2016-2017 award recipients are listed below:

  • James K. McCusker, chemistry; Gary G. Mittelbach, integrative biology and Kellogg Biological Station; Richard C. Schwartz, microbiology and molecular genetics; and David Tomanek, physics and astronomy, received Outstanding Faculty Awards.
  • Gina Leinninger, physiology; and Ping-Shou Zhong, statistics and probability, received Teacher-Scholar Awards.
  • John Merrill, microbiology and molecular genetics; and Claire Vieille, microbiology and molecular genetics, and biochemistry and molecular biology, received Undergraduate Teaching Awards.
  • Julia V. Busik, plant biology, received the Junior Faculty Mentoring Award.
  • John B. Ohlrogge, plant biology, received the Postdoctoral Mentoring Award.
  • Chrysoula Vasileiou, chemistry, received the NatSci Distinguished Academic Staff Award.
  • Steven P. Poulios, chemistry, received the Undergraduate Academic Advisor Award.
  • Julie C. Libarkin, ISGS, CREATE for STEM, Earth and environmental sciences, received the Graduate Academic Advisor Award.
  • Kimberly Crain, physiology; and Nancy Lavrik, chemistry, received Support Staff Awards.
  • Pei Geng, statistics and probability; and Michael Obsniuk, physics and astronomy, received Excellence-in-Teaching Citations.
  • Jeanette McGuire, integrative biology; Osvaldo Hernandez, ISGS; Taylor Johnston, plant soil and microbial sciences; Austin Parish, Earth and environmental sciences; Marcos D. Caballero, physics and astronomy; Teena Gerhardt, mathematics; Kristin Parent, biochemistry and molecular biology; and Lynnmarie Posey, chemistry, received Faculty Teaching Prizes.

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