MSU's Actuarial Science Program expands its scope with two new hires

  • Apr 24, 2017
  • Faculty, actuarial science
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Assistant Professors Gee Lee and Haiyan Liu will be joining Michigan State University’s Actuarial Science (AS) Program in August to expand the research activities of the program, promote connections with the broader insurance industry in Michigan's Capital area region and advance the program toward certification as a Center of Actuarial Excellence.

Housed in the MSU College of Natural Science, and administered by the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Statistics and Probability, AS offers an undergraduate program of study leading to a bachelor of science degree in actuarial science, as well as a specialization in actuarial science for students who are enrolled in any bachelor’s degree program at the university.

"Bringing Gee Lee and Haiyan Liu into our actuarial program is a major step in our growth toward becoming a Center of Actuarial Excellence,” said Keith Promislow, MSU Department of Mathematics chair. “Their research expertise in risk, insurance and reinsurance will allow our program to engage with the vibrant local insurance industry and to provide guidance to shape the curriculum of our growing actuarial science major."

Gee Lee

Gee Lee

Lee will receive a Ph.D. from the Department of Risk and Insurance at the University of Wisconsin-Madison this summer, where he was also an instructor in the School of Business for probability and financial mathematics courses. Lee is currently working on a paper regarding aggregate loss risk retention, and just submitted a manuscript on general insurance deductible ratemaking (51st Actuarial Research Conference, Minnesota).

“I am excited about the expansion and the opportunities of the Actuarial Science Program at MSU,” Lee said. “I am looking forward to contributing to this very innovative and growing program.”

Haiyan Liu

Haiyan Liu

Liu will receive a Ph.D. in actuarial science from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, in August. In addition to being a teaching assistant at Waterloo, Liu was a presenter at the 20th International Congress on Insurance in Atlanta, Ga., last summer and currently has two submitted manuscripts and a third that is in the preprint stage. Topics for the manuscripts are qualitative-based risk sharing, collective risk models with dependence uncertainty and Pareto optimality in reinsurance policy design.

"I am eager to join MSU because of their excellent research group in actuarial science and the vibrant insurance industry in the Lansing, Mich., area,” Liu said. “It will be exciting to help build the actuarial program into a Center of Excellence in the coming years.”

"Another reason we are excited about these two hires in actuarial science is that their research emphases cover growth areas at the confines of applied probability, stochastic processes and quantitative risk analysis in finance and insurance,” said Frederi Viens, MSU Department of Statistics and Probability chair. “We will benefit from their scholarship, and we believe they will find a collegial and enthusiastic environment at MSU, which will support and enhance their chosen career paths as researchers." 

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