NatSci undergrad nominated for top graduate school scholarship

  • Oct 19, 2018
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Headshot of Garrett King
Garrett King

Garrett King, a Michigan State University College of Natural Science (NatSci) senior majoring in physics, was nominated for the nationally competitive Marshall Scholarship by MSU.

The prestigious scholarship was established to provide support to approximately 40 of the most outstanding undergraduates in the country to study at any university in the United Kingdom. Nominees are chosen for their academic talent and independence with the purpose of strengthening their intellect and personal growth.

“Personally, it is an honor to be nominated, and I am excited that I have the chance to be considered for this award,” said King, who is also an Honors College student. “In terms of my career, being a Marshall Scholar would definitely be a unique experience. I think the exposure to the academic culture in the UK would also be an opportunity for me to grow as a student.”

King began his career at MSU as a professorial assistant to David Tomanek, professor of theoretical condensed matter physics. Since the summer of 2017, he began work with Filomena Nunes, a nuclear physicist working at MSU’s National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, and Kendall Mahn, assistant professor of high energy physics. Tomanek and Mahn are faculty members in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

“My research has primarily been related to nuclear theory,” King said. “One of the problems I work on is uncertainty quantification in reaction theory. The other problem I work on is studying how predictions of observables made with simulations of neutrino-nuclear interactions used for experiments compare with theory calculations.

“I learned a lot from each of my mentors, and I am glad that I got to work with all of them during my time here,” added King, who hopes to continue working in nuclear theory as a graduate student.

"The Department of Physics and Astronomy is very proud of Garret for being nominated for this prestigious award,” said Stephen Zepf, Department of Physics and Astronomy interim chair. “It is wonderful to see his accomplishments in the classroom and in research be rewarded in this way. It is also rewarding to see our students take advantage of the many opportunities in the department and on campus here at Michigan State to be successful on a national and international stage."

MSU nominated a total of eight undergraduate students for three highly competitive graduate school scholarships: The Marshall Scholarship, the Mitchell Scholarship and the Rhodes Scholarship.

To see a full list of nominees, visit:


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