Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics

2019 Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Newsletter

Here we are, starting spring semester 2019, the middle of the 2018-19 academic year and the Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics (BLD) program’s 92nd year. We have a lot of history behind us, and a lot of adventures ahead!

2018 Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Newsletter

Hello from the Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics(BLD) Program. While MSU is currently weathering some of the most difficult and challenging times in its history and working toward "righting the ship" that we all have faith in, BLD is doing well. Please be assured that our faculty and staff are fully supportive of, and committed to, the efforts underway to improve the health and safety of everyone on our campus.

2017 Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Newsletter

Hello BLD alumni and friends! It is a pleasure to share program news with you all. Another busy year for the program and, most likely, a busy year for you also. It never slows down. And unless you have been isolated from society, I am sure you have heard that this year is the program’s 90th anniversary.

2016 Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Newsletter

BLD is doing well. We have a great cadre of students, a solid group of affiliated clinics and a wonderful campus environment to work in. The BLD program is fortunate that it has so many variables that are favoring a positive experience on both sides of the podium/bench.