Networking is establishing and maintaining career-related contacts; it’s talking with people to gather information, seek advice, and expand awareness.

Networking is the NUMBER ONE way that people find jobs.

Networking can be done face-to-face or electronically, but personal meetings are most effective. It goes beyond actual job leads since through networking you can learn the jargon of a particular occupational field, identify role models or mentors to guide your professional development, gain feedback on your qualifications and resume and learn about an unfamiliar geographic region or city.

Building your personal network is the best way to obtain support and encouragement from others who share your interests. It can help you identify good and bad managers to work for as well as which companies are the best places to work at.

Networking Etiquette

  • Meet at the convenience of your contact
  • Be clear about your objectives
  • Seek advice, information, or feedback
  • DO NOT ask for a job
  • Ask only for what a person can comfortably give you
  • Avoid asking for information you can obtain through personal research

Where to Network?

  • Meetings, seminars and conferences
  • Class (with both students and professors)
  • On the NatSci LinkedIn group and the MSUAA group which are professional networks filled with alumni.