Student Advisory Council (SAC)

The NatSci Student Advisory Council (SAC) is an organization whose purpose is to advise the Dean on issues concerning Undergraduate and Graduate students within the College and to promote the interests of these students.

Email the SAC and share your comments with them.

What We Do:

Some of SAC’s past accomplishments include sponsoring, assisting, and organizing major science-related events on MSU’s campus. SAC has sponsored a Biotechnology Forum at the Wharton Center, which featured a panel comprised of well-known scientists, an ethicist, and an economist, and encouraged audience participation. SAC has been involved in career fairs such as Careers in Physical Science, the Natural Science Career Fair, and Careers for Biological Science that included a career panel. SAC also has an ongoing interest and involvement in academic dishonesty problems and teaching assistant (TA) issues.

SAC Constitution

Who We Are:

SAC consists of both voting and non-voting members. The student membership of SAC is restricted to full-time undergraduate students and half-time or full-time graduate students in good academic standing within a degree-granting program in the College of Natural Science. The regular student membership of SAC is not to exceed one graduate and/or one undergraduate student from each degree-granting program.

If you would like to become involved with SAC, contact the Undergraduate or Graduate Director in your department.