10 Best Spots to Study on Campus

  • Sep 12, 2018
  1. Main Library
    Great place to do group work or go up to the third floor for some quiet studying. The only things that aren’t the best are that it is far from where most students live and the limited amount of parking.
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  2. Law Library
    It is always quiet in here but during finals week, there is a limit to how many non-law students can study there.
  3. Business Library
    This is a great place to do group work and right next to the Shaw parking structure which is free after 6pm on weekdays and free all day on the weekends.
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  4. BPS Building
    Most pre-professional students will have a few courses in this building and it has a lot of tables for doing work in between classes. There is also a Sparty’s in the building.
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  5. Wells Hall
    Great to do homework or study in between classes and there’s a Starbucks here.
  6. BCC (Business College Complex)
    There are a few booths and tables to get some group work done and there is printing right by the booths.
  7. Dorm Lounges
    Most dorms have a great lounge area for getting work done. They are usually furnished with comfortable seating but not ideal for quiet studying as there is a constant flow of students walking by.
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  8. Chapelure
    They have free WiFi and some of the best dessert in town. They have plenty of outlets lined along the walls to accommodate laptops.
  9. Starbucks on Grandriver
    Starbucks has always been a good place to study and their coffee is great.
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  10. LMC in Snyder Hall
    Last but not the least, the Language and Media Center in the basement of Snyder Hall is my favorite place to study. It’s a small computer lab area and two separated study rooms with a big table in the middle of the room. The student workers are a great resource for any technology related task you need help with. They also print posters out for much cheaper than the main library. 


Happy Studying!